Metal Gear Solid 4 .bgm FLAC ripping problem by thomas04 at 2:16 AM EDT on April 17, 2021
Hey everyone. I'm trying to rip all of the music from MGS4 on foobar but only a few are able to be converted. The others say they have an error in them. I've tried updating my encoders, removing and adding DSP filters, and yet nothing works. I tried converting it to .ogg then to .flac, and it worked. But when i listen to it, it's slowed down and theres a clicking sound all throughout the audios. If anyone can help, it would be a massive thanks.
by kode54 at 2:50 PM EDT on April 17, 2021
Several of the tracks are 8 channel, and may need to be downmixed, or split to different channel files. While FLAC does support 8 channels, it may not like the channel layout flag given for these 8 channel files.

Also, FLAC will actually produce larger files, since the originals are often looped, and lossy compressed (4 bit ADPCM) to boot.
by thomas04 at 5:08 PM EDT on April 17, 2021
Thanks for the info. However i realised the problem a few minutes ago and i fixed it. Thank you tho
by hcs at 12:20 AM EDT on April 18, 2021
If you think someone else might have the problem, it might help to explain how you fixed it.
by Dark_Ansem at 12:07 PM EDT on April 18, 2021
What was the problem?
by thomas04 at 12:48 PM EDT on April 19, 2021
SORRY FOR NOT SAYING HOW I FIXED IT. I downmixed the files down from 8 to 4 in the vgmstream options. Sorry for the exclusion of how i fixed it.

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