Bionicle: Matoran Adventures GSF (Work in Progress) by loveemu at 1:05 PM EDT on May 4, 2021
Bionicle - Matoran Adventures (2002-10-29)(Argonaut)(Electronic Arts) (WIP)

The archive comes with an IPS file for creating unoptimized gsflib files.

The most core work of ripping is done, but I got bored before I could explore the song pointers to pass to minigsf.

Also, the initialization and interrupt routines leave some processing unrelated to sound, so you can try to optimize those if you want to reduce the CPU load to the ultimate.

0x814B5B0: void __noreturn AgbMain();
0x8154BCC: void IntrDummy();
0x8153BE0: void VBlankIntr();
0x815521C: void VBlankIntrWaitWrapper();
0x817D9AC: void SampleManager_SetMusicVolume(int volume);
0x817D9CC: void SampleManager_SetEffectsVolume(int volume);
0x817D8D0: void SampleManager_Init(int MixRate);
0x817E224: void Mod_Init(const u32 *seqdata, const u32 *samples)
0x817F240: void SampleManager_VSyncCode();
0x817F314: void SampleManager_OnceAFrame();

Matoran Adventures Source Code (Prototype)

edited 12:50 AM EDT May 5, 2021

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