Unplayable Files by JackTheRipper at 4:59 AM EDT on June 26, 2021
Some files are unplayable, anyone update the info.

*Shrek 2 (buggy dsp, also some random fmv format which needs to be demuxed)(GC, 2004)
*Superman: Shadow (has STR2 and VAGa header, .vid files which needs to be demuxed)(PS2, 2002)
*Zapper (Xbox, 2002)
*Shrek 3 Superslam GC/Wii GCUB sound.dat/hdr (some files are buggy)
*Wallace & Gromit Project Zoo (GC, 2003)
*High Voltage bank like files throughout the years [Charlie, KND, Grim Adventures] (GC)
*Sneak King (Xbox, 2006 - .wav/.str)
*The Fairly OddParents: Breakin' Da Rules (GC, 2003 and file named dance_beatmatch which is unplayable on PS2)
*Mono .THP file (seen on Vilgax Attacks, Purple Planet, and some other games)
*Muppets Party Cruise (GC, 2003)
*Angry Birds Star Wars (Wii U/Wii, 2013) - Some ambience files are surround 32k while music is stereo.
*Vicious Engine titles throughout the years mus (v1)/.str (v2) headerless file (Wii U, Wii? (Use txth), PS2? use (txth), 360? (use xma_transform), PSP/PS3/PSV have headers on them) (PS2/PS2 data.pak - use riff extractor for psp version|use vgmtoolbox's sony adpcm for ps2 version, despicable me ps2 use 0x10 interleave and 44100 sample rate at stereo, while other ps2 games are mono .mib)
*Spongebob's Atlantis Squarepantis (Wii/PS2, 2007) (But most of the files are playable while the Files named Level4 and Level14 are unplayable)

Anyone tried extracting Sound_Common.bf that has higher sample rate (48,000hz) than most other versions (24,000hz) from Rayman Raving Rabbids (360) which the header start with BIG (00000000) where the names are located at (000138C0) and it ends with some garbage footer (50F2F34A).

Some Alchemy engine games failed to extract some of its files for some reason, but when using a embedded fsb extractor which can help (IGA. - Madagascar 2 [Wii, PS2], .AGI - Swap Force|Superchargers|Imaginators [360, PS3]).

Super Monkey Ball Adventure (PS2 - Music.MB) individual files can be extracted with vagguess with the interleave of 10000 and sample rate of 44100, .ads header remove bytes at 0-27

High Voltage (LSL MCL?, PC uses CRI media formats) [Charlie - 48,000HZ, later titles like Zathura, KND, Grim Adventures - 32,000HZ (PS2 - *.MIA)] individual files can be extracted with vagguess with the interleave of 4000 and sample rate as mentioned above, .ads header remove bytes at 0-27 and use txth, .mih has some missing samples.

Justice League *.vat file (mouth.vat contains voice clips) (PS2 - some files can be extracted with VGMToolbox's Sony ADPCM extractor or VAG_Scanner.exe but vagguess doesn't extract some of the multiple streams like music and ambience, Xbox)

Mojo - Resource.rez (has audio files inside them but contains .pss - PS2, .bik - Xbox)


Sonic Riders (SND.dat and executable file - use xpert to extract them)

SEGA Superstars Tennis (RESOURCE - PS3 MSF [4D53460200]|Wii ISWS .WAS|PS2 MultiStream .mib/.mih/.mic)

Alvin (PS2 MIB/MIH.paks names start at 00000448, mih files are 64 bytes, files start at 00000E00)

Ruff Trigger (PS2 Musics.MB2/.MBH .mih files are 64 bytes, individual files can be extracted with vagguess - remove .ads header at 0-27)

Spider-Man 3 (PS2/Wii Audio.pak - use FSBII to extract them)

Where the Wild Things Are (Streams/Sounds.res - in the 360 version use any zlib extractor on the sounds.res file then use ravioli, fsbii, or VGMToolbox cutter [HEADER: FSB4])

PSS files
00 00 01 BA 44 00 04 00 04 - Start Offset
00 00 01 B9 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - End Offset

Spider-Man 3 (PS3 *.PS3SSB - don't use fsbii, USE vgmtoolbox to extract them with the offset of 4653423301000000 and delete some bad ones)

THQ OZ (GC DSP?/PS2 VAGp/Xbox XACT WBND|SDBK *.sounds file - use vgmtoolbox to extract them with the following offset as mentioned above)

Activision games NSLB header, seen in Call of Duty 3 (All), Kung Fu Panda (PS2 interleave 800, and Wii versions only) (360/XMA, PS3/MP3, PS2/ADP, XBOX/IMA, GC|Wii/DSP?) (.wbk) - use ravioli for ps3 files, use any riff extractor for the 360 files, use vgmtoolbox's sony adpcm extractor or VAG_Scanner.exe for the ps2 files

HVS Quantum3 .dir/.wad (*.gcm/gcs, *.xbm/xbs, *.psm/pss, *.r4m/r4s *.avl/vol) - weconduit needs some support for other games like Ben10:POE, I-Ninja, Family Guy, Astro Boy, Iron Man 2, Catwoman, Nick Fit, Diego Dinosaur, Dora

Mass Media *.blt file (Tetris Evolution uses some random headerless unknown codec?)

SMFOF PS2 Data.bin (Contains multistream files *.mic/mib/mih at 32000hz and interleave of 4000) (try this offset 3030303030303030303030303030303030303030303030303030303030303030 to extract and then remove that offset)

edited 11:54 AM EDT June 26, 2021

edited 3:22 AM EDT June 27, 2021
300MB limit by JackTheRipper at 11:55 AM EDT on June 26, 2021
I'm trying to upload a file that is over 300mb, but for now it has to be 299mb or below.

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