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Manhunt 2 | SPEECH_.ADX by Jack Krowell at 6:08 AM EDT on August 18, 2021
I'm having trouble extracting some .adx files from the PS2 version of Manhunt 2, I've tried just about every .exe extractor from here to GitHub, and yet, I still haven't found a way to extract those .adx streams from the game.

Can anybody give me a solution here?

Here's a link for all the .adx files I have extracted from the certain game files:

(May have to copy and paste the links in google search to get the download)

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by hcs at 1:26 PM EDT on August 18, 2021
You are misusing the url tag. It should look like (with [] for <>):

<url=>text for link 1</url>

Or you could just get rid of the url tag to avoid a useless link to, it's easier to copy the drive URL if it's just plain text.

You have 24 hours after the initial post to edit it, so if you see the links are screwy like that please try to fix them.

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by Jack Krowell at 4:04 PM EDT on August 18, 2021
There, I fixed it, happy.

Now, could you finally, for once in your life, help me with how to properly extract the audio streams from those .adx files in the links I've so kindly provided?
by hcs at 5:54 PM EDT on August 18, 2021
The first one at least is an AFS, you can extract from that with lafs or similar tools.

lafs.exe SPEECH_00.adx

Will output the extracted files into a new directory called SPEECH_00.adx_unpacked.

The files seem to be AHX, so you should be able to play them in vgmstream by renaming the output files to .ahx (except for one called context_map.bin).

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by Jack Krowell at 6:02 PM EDT on August 18, 2021
Alright then thanks, sorry for the hassle.

Oh and another thing, do you know any proper/safe freeware to rename the .adx file extension to .ahx?
by hcs at 6:09 PM EDT on August 18, 2021
To rename all .adx to .ahx in the current directory in Windows Command Prompt it's just:

ren *.adx *.ahx

If you want to rename the files coming from lafs, which don't have extensions, it's:

ren *. *.ahx

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by Jack Krowell at 9:37 PM EDT on August 18, 2021
And how exactly do I play them in 'VGMStream'?

Also, when I enter in some command I could best come up with, it says:

'failed opening noname_2.ahx'

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by hcs at 6:38 PM EDT on August 20, 2021
Just running "test.exe noname_2.ahx" should work, outputting to noname_2.ahx.wav, for example:

C:\Users\Adam\Downloads\manhunt2>vgmstream-win\test.exe SPEECH_00.adx_unpacked\noname_2.ahx
decoding SPEECH_00.adx_unpacked\noname_2.ahx
sample rate: 22050 Hz
channels: 1
stream total samples: 9827 (0:00.446 seconds)
encoding: MPEG Layer II Audio (MP2)
layout: flat
metadata from: CRI AHX header
bitrate: 60 kbps
play duration: 9827 samples (0:00.446 seconds)

Where did you get vgmstream from? I got it from the "Command-line tools, Winamp, and XMPlay plug-ins" link on the Downloads page.

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by Jack Krowell at 2:17 AM EDT on August 21, 2021
No dice, still getting 'failed opening noname_2.ahx' message.

Is it because I have windows 10, or maybe the .ahx files, or rather the SPEECH.AFS file I have in general are damaged/corrupted?
by hcs at 1:57 PM EDT on August 21, 2021
I tested on Windows 10. I was able to extract all the files you uploaded, so I don't think there's anything wrong with your source files.

Where did this noname_2.ahx come from? If you extracted it directly from the SPEECH_00.adx you uploaded, by running:

lafs.exe SPEECH_00.adx

and then renaming SPEECH_00.adx_unpacked\noname_2 to SPEECH_00.adx_unpacked\noname_2.ahx, then that ought to work.

But my guess is that you're trying to use lafs directly on a top level SPEECH.AFS, and that is outputting some noname files. Those won't work in vgmstream, they are the same as the SPEECH_00.adx files you had originally uploaded. .adx is the wrong extension for those, they should be .afs, but some tools assume an AFS only contains ADX.

There are two levels of AFS here, think of it as a ZIP that contains more ZIPs. You need to first extract SPEECH.AFS. lafs will name those outputs noname* if there is no name built into the file, your other tool seems to have called them SPEECH_*.adx, either tool should work. But then you need to extract each of those again, which will result in thousands of output files. Each of those needs to be renamed to .ahx to work with vgmstream (using ren *. *.ahx).

If you're still having trouble, upload the noname_2 file that isn't working in vgmstream, and give the exact steps you used to get that file, starting from SPEECH.AFS.

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If this is PS2, is there an AUD_PS2.AFS file? That might be it.

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