Slight and unusual issue with VGMStream-Win by Jack Krowell at 7:51 PM EDT on August 18, 2021
I'm having a rather, unbeknownst issue with the trustworthy VGMStream.

I am unable to use the test.exe feature as there is some 0xc00007b error going on with the VGMStream feature I have, and I already have 'vcruntime140.dll' placed in the same folder as test.exe and other VGMStream dll's after downloading it off the internet.

Can somebody please, help me out here as to what's going on, and most notably how to fix the issue?

Here's a link for a screenshot of what happened exactly:

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by hcs at 8:38 PM EDT on August 18, 2021
Try installing the 2015-2019 redistributable, which you can find here, and get rid of they vcruntime DLL.

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