"Wild Riders" Song ripping (NAOMI2) by Coughdrop at 7:04 PM EDT on October 8, 2021

I'm trying to get the 2 main songs ripped from Wild Riders. the game only ever came out on NAOMI2 and the soundtrack has never been ripped or put out officially.

i've seen a post made by JacintaB19 about ripping Sound effects from the Naomi version of Rhythm Tengoku, which did share some insight, however i'm seeing a lot of variation in the files for Wild Riders, the whole thing is basically only IC(XX) files. Any help would be appreciated, i'm really new to audio ripping but i'd love to learn.

The files can be found here for reference: Link

by Kirishima at 6:44 PM EDT on October 22, 2021
The game uses a combination of DTPK and SPSD files for music. DTPK for sfx and shorter jingles and 2 SPSD files for the longer ingame tracks. There's no automated ripper SPSD that I'm aware of, so manually ripping that is probably the only way to get them. The DTPK files can be extracted and converted with Kingshriek's tools, assuming you have the proper version of python installed.
by Coughdrop at 7:54 AM EDT on September 23, 2022
Hello, sorry for replying late, life gets in the way, and thank you for the help!

How are you extracting the game from the IC files if i may ask? Are you combining them and using GD explorer? It's the only way i've seen to do it and that method is giving me some trouble, as Wild Riders uses .IC files instead of .BIN files

(Little update)

Was able to import the last IC on it's own into Audacity pretty easily, easy enough, but they somehow sound lower quality imported like that, i don't know if im imagining things but the unobstructed game audio sounds a lot better, could this be as a result of importing it raw? Maybe they lowered the quality of the in game audio as it's pretty hard to hear anyways during normal play. Maybe importing the actual SPSD files would make them sound better? The sample rare is 11025 so it might really just sound like that.

Thanks again for the help!

edited 8:32 AM EDT September 23, 2022

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