Ripping Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and Mario Power Tennis by BallOpener at 6:19 PM EDT on October 20, 2021
Hi! How do I find the music files for Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour on the GameCube and convert them for use in Foobar2000? It's in a weird layout/filesystem where all the main folders are named A-D and the files and subfolders named A-Z (it's the same for Mario Power Tennis, but the Wii port is better in terms of folder structure). Any direction would be great, thanks!

I know it had been asked before, but many of the posts are dead.
by TheAdorableOsha at 10:15 AM EDT on October 31, 2021
The music in the game is sequenced. Or, to put it in other words, they sound like a MIDI. It's really hard to tell due to the very confusing file structure.

However, soneek converted the sequenced music into MIDI files, and you can find them here along with other extracted MIDIs by them. I only tested Toadstool Tour myself, and some songs like Coin Attack and Cheep Cheep Falls do not play properly due to the MIDI using an instrument it shouldn't do, but it's easy to fix.

I did the task of making a soundfont for Toadstool Tour, although it's far from perfect (it's missing a couple of instruments but it does the work just fine for most of the songs in the game). I did it by ear since I don't know where to find the instrument tables, unfortunately.
In any case, you can get the soundfont here so you can use it with foobar2000 and the MIDI Player plugin using FluidSynth.

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by BallOpener at 3:59 AM EDT on November 6, 2021
I'll want to say thank you so much! I was looking for those MIDIs on the forum, but the link was dead. I hope you can improve the SoundFont, but currently, it's better than nothing. Maybe should I ask for extra help on the Discord? Do you have some tips for improving the Soundfont, especially for a newbie?

I think the only songs missing are the opening scene, title, and music used in the character selection. Here is a link to it (scroll to the bottom). The files are from the source, so I don't know how to convert them to MIDI.

Edit: I might rip the tracks on Dolphin/modded Wii/GC to FLAC, but I'll need to mute the SFX by replacing the sounds with empty ones. How do I open the files? What format are they are in apart from that they are Musyx sequenced files?

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by BallOpener at 9:38 PM EST on November 9, 2021
Don't worry about it. I messaged ArcticJauguar725 on the Discord and got the tracks.

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by TheAdorableOsha at 1:35 PM EST on November 11, 2021
It's no problem! Yeah, unfortunately I have no idea how to link the instrument samples automatically, so everything has been done by ear. I'm still trying my best to improve the soundfont, so thank you so much for the good wishes!

The format is apparently .so or .song for MusyX sequenced files, but I have no idea how to convert those to MIDI. soneek did the job so they may know.

Also, did you manage to get the missing files into MIDI? If so, would you mind sharing them?

EDIT: I found a tool that did all that work and converted the title theme and main menu themes into MIDI. They had a couple of instruments messed up but fixed them up, along with other tracks that had percussion channels instead of melodic channels. The title theme sounds excellent but the main menu theme is sorta missing some instruments, but it sounds alright. I also "updated" the soundfont, you can find everything here!

MGTT's title screen and main menu themes are under the MIDI files folder, then go to B, and those are the U and V files respectively.

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Soundfont is complete! by TheAdorableOsha at 10:40 PM EST on November 20, 2021
After a long while, the soundfont for Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour is complete! It's been tested with the MIDI files provided by soneek and it sounds 99% identical!

I also added the title and main menu themes that were missing before, converted to MIDI as well! I also fixed a couple of MIDIs that used wrong presets. There's still a couple of MIDIs that are missing percussion but I'll figure it out at a later time.

Here's the download link again!
Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (SF2 and MIDI)

Make sure to use version 1.1! And a huge shoutout to AxioDL for their program Amuse, since that was of huge help to figure out the instruments used in the game.

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