Gran Turismo ps1 by wren44 at 1:18 AM EST on November 9, 2021
hello everyone, i have a small request, the Gran Turismo for ps1, there is XA tracks per region, which i have been able to extract and convert my self with basic tools, but there is sequence music in the game for car company's like Nissan, Subaru, Toyota ect ect, which have other music and also are per region, i believe the one for download by Steve Leung is from the the Japanese version, i was wondering if anyone could do the Europe version and America version too, to make this game complete, thanks in advance.
by Squaresoft74 at 9:17 PM EST on November 12, 2021
Would you happen to have the music composer(s) info for the sequenced tracks ?

This game is a real pain, not only it makes use of multiple executables but all of them are compressed and self unpack in RAM.
I could figure a way to extract the unpacked forms from RAM dumps and work from that to get a working wip driver for the Japanese version.
It's also able to play tracks from the Euro version since that's what you're after. ;)
by wren44 at 5:34 PM EST on November 13, 2021
on YouTube there is a page of someone who has ripped them or recorded them, he claims these 2 are the composers, Isamu Ohira, Jason Page

I'd very much be happy with your method of making a driver to work of the euro/usa copy of the game sequenced tracks,
that's probably why i haven't seen this game complete yet, ive started to notice some games look super hard to work with, its beyond my knowledge, i just use other programs if they work for me, and play them through foobar, any work people have done, i thank them for there hard work, none of this would be possible without you and everyone who knows what there doing and sharing there skills. again thanks

and these are what are in the credit of the game,
Sound Director
Masamichi Seki

Sound Design
Masamichi Seki
Takashi Kanai
Yasuaki Yabuta
Mitsukuni Murai

Sound Driver
Yoshihiko Kurata
Masahi Fujita

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by Squaresoft74 at 8:21 PM EST on November 13, 2021
I think Isamu Ohira composed the Japanese sequenced tracks and Jason Page composed the Euro/USA ones.
So i'll use that for the tags i guess.

Here's a WIP rip using my current driver.
Only contains Gran Turismo/Simulation Mode tracks for now.

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by wren44 at 10:14 PM EST on November 13, 2021
OMG you are a legend, i cannot believe how fast you did that, the quality and nostalgia, thank you so much, look forward to the rest, no rush :)

oh I've just gone through all the xa music, and what you have done, only one track is missing, it is the arcade mode select, even in the Japanese version it is missing, but i have another psf of the Japanese that has the arcade for that, but for euro/usa it is missing, other than that, it is perfect and complete, I've tagged them my self, and completed the xa accordingly,

PS, not sure if your able to, would it be possible for 2 other games, Z by The Bitmap Brothers and KKnD Krossfire by Beam Software, these 2 would be great as well, anyways thank you for doing the great work you have done with Gran Turismo, very happy, and i would assume others from euro/usa would be who grew up with this game too.

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by Squaresoft74 at 9:53 PM EST on November 15, 2021
I have the arcade tracks ripped.
I still need to improve the drivers before making a release.

You may want to try VGMToolBox to rip "Z" for now.
This one uses regular .seq, .vh, .vb data
You'll find them in PSXZ.RES file.

As for KKnD Krossfire, can't make a PSF rip for that one.
It's streaming files that i've extracted for you.
AceK kindly provided a .txth file for those so you can now play them with Foobar using the vgmstream plugin:
2021-11-14 KKND Krossfire

edited 9:54 PM EST November 15, 2021
by wren44 at 11:46 PM EST on November 15, 2021
OMG again, you have completed my childhood dreams, these 3 games have been the only ones i keep playing just so i can enjoy there sound tracks, though i don't quite understand the VGMToolBox, but ill give it a go, so far i seem to have the music and i believe the robot voices extracted, now to see if i can make the music sequence join up, they are in 5 to 10 seconds parts, anyways, thank you so much, i honestly wasn't expecting these 3 games to be done so quickly, you have made this 40yr old very happy, hopefully soon i can listen to the arcade select track to finish Gran Turismo, until then, i have allot of tracks to enjoy for now, thank you so much.
Obscure games and audio by wren44 at 8:59 PM EST on February 12, 2023
so thanks to Squaresoft74 making allot of these hard to get music for us, and really happy with what the work too, i seem to find harder and Obscure games and tracks, i still haven't worked out how to make the music files from ps1 Z by the The Bitmap Brothers work, perhaps dealing with XA and STR is my limit :P

so im still after these games for there music, as im not skilled enough,

ps1 - Z by The Bitmap Brothers, all tracks.
ps1 - Duke Nukem Time to Kill, just the Bootylicious ~ Strip Club (Jeff Mac) track found in the first level at the bar/strip club, seems this isnt XA audio like everything else, everything also i found.
ps1 - Speed Freaks/Punks, main menu track as i believe it is sequenced data, every other track is XA.
Sega Saturn - CrimeWave, cannot seem to find the music data, possible sequenced.
PC/PS2 - Oni by Bungie West, some music i could get from PC, but others seemed to be in another format, the ps2 version i cant make heads around.

i always seem to find the really hard or Obscure games with music, if anyone can get these tracks out, i would be really happy, thanks in advance.

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