Replacing Shadowverse's soundtrack by Madgenta at 5:01 PM EST on November 20, 2021
Hi everyone, first post on this website
I've been struggling for the past few days trying to mod Shadowverse's music.
The songs are stored in .acb/.awb files (by pair) and I can play the .awb file in foobar2000 using vgmstream, I can also extract the .acb file using SonicAudioTools and get a .hca file however when trying to play said .hca file in foobar, all I get is just garbage noise

I can replace the song stored in the .hca file with a custom one and re-pack it into the .acb and .awb files and playing them again in foobar sounds fine but in game the modified music sounds like garbage noise.

Replacing voice files for cards is possible by using Eternity Audio Tool but for if I try opening the .acb song files it just gives tells me "failed to get file 0x0 from awb"

Any tips/idea would be greatly appreciated

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