Torus Games' .dat files by DarkSolidSnake at 5:02 PM EDT on June 6, 2022
I just mentioned in the notes in Torus Games' 3DS games' soundtrack rips (rips by JackTheRipper) that the ripper just extracted the music from the game using quickbms and/or offzip

To clarify, i really wanted to rip the music from Barbie Dreamhouse Party (3DS) and i also want to do the same thing with Rise of the Guardians (Wii). So, i just went to looking in the files of Barbie Dreamhouse Party, and i have only packfile.dat and a bunch of .raw files in the sound folder. The only thing i can see a bunch of .hnk files are How to Train Your Dragon 2 (Wii/3DS). But at least i can extract the BCWAV file from Torus' 3DS games.

How can i extract the music from there? Are the .hnk files hidden inside the .dat file?

edited 5:03 PM EDT June 6, 2022

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