Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Kiss (PS2) Music Ripping? by Xane123 at 12:07 AM EDT on September 23, 2022
Many years ago, I watched a LP of the first Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side game's fan-made English patch. I liked its music, so I downloaded the 2SF rip of it, soon downloading the second and third games' DS music. I eventually stumbled upon a website called Tokimeki Media, where I discovered the games have soundtrack CDs (here's the second game's one), which seem to be based on the PS2 versions of the games.

The first two Girl's Side games' CDs have higher-quality instruments, which makes me prefer them over the DS versions. I wanted to buy the soundtrack, but I noticed that the second game's soundtrack has a lot of songs that fade out before they can loop! This ruins some songs, especially Masaki's happy theme variant, where the song gradually builds up, releasing the built-up happiness right before the loop! (Here, it fades out during the second half of that satisfying release.)

This led to me buying the PS2 game disc, so I could get whatever file that contains the music, hoping it was streamed audio.

UNFORTUNATELY, a lot of the music in the game is sequenced; I opened SOUND.PAK using FastElbJa's ADPCM Player and heard a lot of instrument samples. (Some songs are streamed but they are vocal tracks and short jingles, not any of the songs I'm interested in.)

I hope this post isn't too awkwardly written, as my mind has been getting foggier and worse this year, so I can't think of the best way to layout this post.

Basically, I still remember how I posted here before about Graffiti Kingdom's music, and Nisto really helped me, letting me hear that game's impressive-but-sequenced music again, ripped and saved from obscurity! Maybe this game could get the same treatment.

For this game, there's two roadblocks that would need to be cleared, the PAK archive format and the game's sequenced music format. All of the samples are located in SOUND.PAK, which I've uploaded here on Google Drive. Kaffu on YouTube can record some of the game's music from in-game, but I can only imagine some songs are impossible to record, with the game's ambient sounds and voice acting that could cover it up. A proper PSF2 rip would be way better than that.

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