PlayOnline Viewer PSF2 by uyjulian at 4:52 PM EDT on October 2, 2022
I decided to rip PlayOnline Viewer to PSF2.

I posted this long ago to AssemblerGames, but that's no longer a thing, so I reuploaded it.

I re-used the sound driver from the Final Fantasy XI rip.
by SquareTex at 7:09 PM EDT on October 2, 2022
"Dolphin" and "Space" will be ingrained in my mind for quite some time due to Final Fantasy XI. Thank you! :D

p.s. Is anyone already working on the timings for this set? I forgot which tool is used to do it...
by hcs at 9:22 PM EDT on October 2, 2022
You may be thinking of VGMtoolbox's PSF2 timer, but it works by parsing an SQ sequence file and has no support for this driver.
by Frzerbrn at 5:28 AM EDT on March 25, 2023
Damn nicely done but how were you able to get that and if also if got it from the disk did you also did Disk 1?

edited 5:33 AM EDT March 25, 2023
by uyjulian at 7:34 AM EDT on March 25, 2023
I retrieved it from the installed HDD data.

I believe it was from either the "Goodbye!" version or the one before that.

edited 7:35 AM EDT March 25, 2023
by Frzerbrn at 12:55 PM EDT on March 25, 2023
Thanks for the response but is that from the game files like from the ps2. I'm still figuring out how to do it myself. Man I know most of the FFXI songs have been ripped already but some songs are still missing and the one I'm looking for is from FFXI original soundtrack plus.

edited 5:15 PM EDT March 25, 2023

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