GSF Rip Request: Mario Kart XXL (Tech Demo) by KirbTails69 at 4:37 AM EDT on October 16, 2022
So recently this game serviced and was wondering if we can get a GSF rip of this (unless its some other type)
by MurraySkull at 4:39 AM EDT on October 16, 2022
Would like to see this, too. However, it doesn't seem to use Sappy.
by loveemu at 11:15 AM EST on November 7, 2022
void SoundMain() = 0x8001DB4;
void SoundSelectSong(int channelFlags, signed __int8 *pcmStart, signed __int8 *pcmEnd, int loopFlags, int volume, int playback_rate) = 0x8001DC8;
void SoundStop(int channelFlags) = 0x8001DF6;
void SoundSetPlaybackRate(int channelFlags, int playback_rate) = 0x8001E14;
void SoundSetVolume(int channelFlags, int volume) = 0x8001E28;
void SoundSetMasterVolume(unsigned __int8 volume) = 0x8001E3C;
void SoundDecreaseMasterVolume(int R2_volume_diff) = 0x8001E44;
void SoundReset() = 0x8001E58;
void SoundInitialize() = 0x8001E70;
void SoundMainASM() = 0x8001EE0;
void SoftVBlankIntrWait() = 0x8002554;
struct SoundChannels[8] = 0x3000480;
void (*IntrTable)()[14] = 0x3000800;

Apparently this is a very simple PCM player. If implemented in a real product, I think the music would quickly use up all the ROM space.

edited 1:13 PM EST November 7, 2022

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