Need beginner help with the Ape Escape soundtrack by kostrich at 10:50 AM EST on November 13, 2022
I got the MIDI files from here:

And the instrument files from here:

But how do I actually put these to use? Does anyone have any guides on how to actually run the .wav instruments through a sampler correctly? I'm just trying to dissect the songs to learn how to make electronic music better.

Every guide I come across just teaches you how to make your own drum kit to make MIDI tracks yourself, not how to arrange premade .mid files with already extracted sampler instrument soundfiles.

I used Reaper 6 and Kontakt 5. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Edit: Alternatively, is there any possible way to open .sshd files and .sssq files in Reaper? Or is it best that they're converted into .mid and .wav?

edited 11:03 AM EST November 13, 2022
by kostrich at 11:52 AM EST on November 13, 2022
Actually, first and foremost, what I could mainly use help with is, does anyone know what .mid files are which tracks? It's really hard to identify each song by just "kkiiddzz.dat_xx.mid". Or does anyone know how I can find out myself from the .psf files in the PSF File folder that came with the second link?
by kostrich at 3:33 PM EST on November 13, 2022
Lastly, I've decided to take a different course of action (although if anyone sees any other methods please let me know):

I've decided to use the .psf files here--

--to try to convert them into .mid files

When I load up the .psf files into Audio Overload, they play perfectly, and the samples they created sound verbatim and pristine, so that's the audio side taken care of.

But how do I take care of the MIDI file side? I read a couple threads on this website saying you can use VGMtrans to convert a .psf to .mid file but I couldn't figure out how.

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