Space channel 5 Rip Sega Dreamcast minidsf problem by One_PlayerXD at 9:13 AM EST on November 23, 2022
Hello, I would be having a problem, it turns out that the game that I want to extract the sounds from are in a .mlt file

I found kingshriek's script (dsf make) to extract the dsf. As a result it gives me a .dsflib and the rest are .minidsf

Now the problem I have is that in one .minidsf it sounds like it should, but the rest to say...broken. They sound buggy. Here I attach the converted sounds to which I refer:

.mlt file:

.dsflib file:

.minidsf file (the one that sounds good) :

-minidsf file (the one that sounds good in format .wav):

.minidsf file (the one that sounds bad):

.minidsf file (the one that sounds bad in format .wav) :


All the .py script that i used(i only used dsfmake, dsftime has a error that i don't know how fix it)

I used foobar2000 with this extra components:
DSD Processor
DSF Encoder -Audio Overload SDK1.4.8u3
Highly Theoretical
Super Audio CD Decoder
vgmstream plugin

If anyone knows how to fix the .minidsf that sounds wrong, please reply to me.

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