Condemned 2: Bloodshot - Need Help with SND by SanfordSallah at 3:53 PM EST on November 26, 2022
Hello everyone.

1. I've managed to extract the game's resources enough to track down these SND files, which are supposed to be some sort of archives with lots of smaller SND's inside.
2. Every method that worked for FEAR 2 (including SND extractor and BMS script + VGMStream with custom TXTH) didn't worked for Condemned 2.
3. This is Xbox 360 version, i'll test PS3 version soon, but i doubt it'll make any difference.

SND Files

I would really appreciate any help from the experts. Also, i'd like to add that i've managed to extract FEAR 2 snd's with this, so i imagine there should be some similar solution for Condemned 2.

UPD: Yes, no solution has worked with PS3 files either.

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by marcoxD95 at 1:15 PM EST on November 30, 2022
Did you already try to open the archives with Watto Game Extractor? I remember extracting the PC version of FEAR1 with it and from what I know the engine is the same.
by SanfordSallah at 1:34 AM EST on December 1, 2022
It is the same engine, but FEAR 2 & Condemned 2 use a different encryption method, so i think this needs a cutom BMS script with TXTH file for vgmstream.

Nevertheless, Watto's good for unpacking initial Arch0* archives and i've already cracked them.
UPDATE by SanfordSallah at 2:06 PM EDT on April 3, 2023
So, apparently if you add endian big in the beginning of the BMS script, it starts extraction from Condemned 2 SND's. I don't know what should i do next, maybe there is something to be done with txth file because it still doesn't work. Please help, i'm so close to this!

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