Downloadable Pokémon Musicals as 2SF? by agu fungus at 11:17 PM EST on December 13, 2022
I know that this has been touched before, but I noticed that the NCSF set of Pokémon Black and White includes the downloadable Musical tracks, all five of them. Since it's shown now that having these tracks is possible as NCSF, does it mean it will also be possible to have them as 2SF?

Edit: I just learned that a 2SF set for B2W2, not included in, also includes the downloadable musicals, so it must mean that yes, it must be possible for the original BW, too. I wonder if B2W2 will also receive the NCSF treatment.

edited 11:13 PM EST December 14, 2022
by SoundGLSI at 6:25 PM EST on December 15, 2022
Yes, B2W2 NCSF is possible, if you want just use 2SFtoNCSF with the tagged set I posted in that thread (it is part of the official NCSF toolkit) and you're set.
Be careful though, for some reason "331 THE END.minincsf" refuses to play with the foobar2000 NCSF decoder.

edited 6:42 PM EST December 15, 2022

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