Kingdom Hearts II - FM new psf2 rip on real hardware/audio overload? by iopco772 at 9:29 AM EDT on March 17, 2023
Ive been messing around playing psf2's on my ps2 lately just because. And few weeks ago I noticed a new version of the rip that drastically fixed the issues the old rips had, unfortunately it didn't work on real hardware or audio overload (on windows).

So if anyone knows a fix for this that I don't know about that would be great.

and sorry if I sound incoherent as English is not my first language.
by almendaz at 12:01 AM EDT on March 19, 2023
Do they play with Highly Experimental or PSF decoder (better, more precise playback)?

The way of ripping PS1/PS2 music into .psf/.psf2 might have changed in these last 6 years, with new rips introducing features that might be irreconciliable with the hardware in question, as PSF1/PSF2 are not proper formats (i.e. raw data format from media, I say).

Currently foobar2000 is the most updated PSF1/PSF2 player you will find.

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