SNES SPC audit: bad xid6 tags by bikerspade at 12:10 PM EDT on August 18, 2023
The following from appear to contain bogus xid6 tag IDs:

Esparks - Ijikuu kara no Raihousha (1995-03-31)(-)(Tomy)[SNES].7z
Hatayama Hacchi no Pro Yakyuu News Jitsumeiban (1993-10-29)(Agenda)(Epoch)[SNES].7z
Ippatsu Gyakuten - Keiba Keirin Kyoutei (1996-04-26)(Eleca)(Planning Office WADA)[SNES].7z
Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius - Forever with Me (1995-12-15)(Stone Heads)(Konami)[SNES].7z
Keiba Eight Special - Maru hi Baken Kounyuu Jutsu (1993-12-10)(C-Lab.)(Misawa)[SNES].7z
Metal Slader Glory - Director's Cut (2000-11-29)(HAL Laboratory)(Nintendo)[SNES].7z
Okamoto Ayako to Match Play Golf - Ko Olina Golf Club in Hawaii (1994-12-21)(-)(Tsukuda Original)[SNES].7z
Othello World (1992-04-05)(Dice)(Tsukuda Original)[SNES].7z
Pachi Slot Kanzen Kouryaku - Shindai Nyuka Vol. 1 (1997-03-07)(Syscom)[SNES].7z
Road Riot 4WD (1992-11)(Atari Games)(Equilibrium)(THQ)[SNES].7z
Shin Megami Tensei if... (1994-10-28)(-)(Atlus)[SNES].7z
Sougou Kakutougi Astral Bout (1992-06-26)(A-Wave)(King Records)[SNES].7z
Super Bomberman - Panic Bomber W (1995-03-01)(Raizing)(Hudson)[SNES].7z
Super Real Mahjong PIV (1994-03-25)(Affect)(Seta)[SNES].7z
Super Real Mahjong PV - Paradise All Star 4-nin Uchi (1995-04-21)(Seta)[SNES].7z
Tenchi Muyou! - Game-hen (1995-10-27)(TamTam)(Banpresto)[SNES].7z
Wicked 18 [Devil's Course] (1993-03-05)(T&E)[SNES].7z
Young Merlin (1994-03-31)(Westwood)(Virgin)[SNES].7z
Special Tee Shot (Prototype) (1996)(HAL Laboratory)(Nintendo)[SNES].7z
by bikerspade at 12:00 AM EDT on September 6, 2023
All of these have been fixed and submitted.

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