3DO Music Question by Locke_gb7 at 7:29 PM EDT on August 19, 2023
Hi there, hope everyone is well!

I have a question, my girlfriend introduced me to 3DO and her favorite game is Immercenary.

I check Josh 3DO archive and saw most track are in streaming .STR format.

I recall coming across this in 209 with PS1 Mega Man X4-5-6 .str and .xa streaming audio. I can't recall how i got them playing even converted.

Is there a way to play 3DO .STR and maybe convert it to wav?

Thanks for the assist!

Got it! by Locke_gb7 at 9:27 AM EDT on August 20, 2023
It turned out to be a problem with my vgmstream on winamp. uninstalled reinstalled ti worked!

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