Wwise/Crankcase REV bank with unknown codec by TheAdmiester at 7:11 PM EDT on September 18, 2023
Hi, I have a Wwise audio bank that was extracted from a car in The Crew Motorfest which has the usual BKHD header and appears to contain Crankcase REV (ADM3 header) WEM files.

I can extract the WEMs just fine with bnkextr.exe, and VGMStream thinks it can read them as Apple IMA audio, but what comes out is garbled. If I import as raw in Audacity as VOX ADPCM @ 48000Hz, it's still very noisy but I can just about hear car sounds underneath.

From what I can see from VGMStream's code ADM3 should be a Crankcase version similar to that used in Cyberpunk, and the format of the file I have seems to be the same (chunks of various RPMs, then a acceleration sweep, then more RPM chunks, then a deceleration sweep, then the idle sound), and I can see similar headers to the Cyberpunk files - I'm just stumped getting those sweeps to actually play back.

Sample file here

Side note: in case it's useful for these WEMs - 24 bytes after the end of the GRN1 header you have two floats, these are a granular synth "clock" that you multiply by 120 to get engine RPM, so in the first WEM of this file we have 7.49 (898.8rpm) and 56.47 (6776.4rpm)

by bnnm at 7:31 PM EDT on September 21, 2023
Header looks mostly the same but it's now v7, maybe they swapped the codec.

Looks like some ADPCM/IMA, post other samples and the exe (and .dlls related to Crankcase / Wwise if there are some)
by TheAdmiester at 6:05 PM EDT on September 22, 2023
Thanks for the response. As far as I'm aware the actual exe is protected so here is a link to a dumped copy.

Wwise/Crankcase seems to be statically linked as there are no dlls that seem to relate to either in the game's folder. Here are two more samples, which I believe are the engine and exhaust sounds for one car.
Sample 1
Sample 2
by bnnm at 9:46 AM EDT on September 24, 2023
Fixed those, also ADM3 in bnk now play but can only use the first subsong for technical reasons.

edited 11:26 AM EDT September 24, 2023
by TheAdmiester at 10:53 AM EDT on September 24, 2023
Just grabbed the latest version and it works perfectly, thanks.

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