Inti Creates file decryption questions by anonon at 7:51 PM EST on November 7, 2023
Hello, I found this place while trying to find a way to decrypt Inti creates' files, specifically to get the music files from the "Yohane the Parhelion -Blaze in the Deepblue" demo.

My questions are related to the list-bin that's mentioned in, as I understand it is within the game.exe itself, however it needs an offset which I guess leads to list-bin within the .exe. I tried using a hex editor to see if I could figure out where it would be but at most I found a list of directories to each file.

I want to know how would I know where is the start of list-bin.

Aside from that, I also noticed that seems to ask for a .oss file as a key, seems game specific so I wondered how someone would figure out the contents of such file.

And probably I should have asked this first, but is the list-bin format also game specific? I noticed there's functions specifically for Gunvolt 3 and Gal Guardians (formerly Grim Guardians)
by bnnm at 12:49 PM EST on November 8, 2023
I've updated intidec help with the offset/key for the game. As for the list, it's hard to describe, but I tried to explain it in a new comment at the top:

But basically to decrypt file "Data/12345678/12345678" it needs an ID from a table plus a key-string. Both are found in the exe and aren't real files. "list-bin" is what I call that filename<>ID translation table, while "(blah).oss" is just how key-strings often look (can be anything).

Will upload the rip later.
by anonon at 1:42 AM EST on November 9, 2023
I got it working, thanks a lot.

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