Unchained Blades [UnchainBlades ReXX] (2011-07-14)(-)(FuRyu)[PSP][tagged] by DarkSolidSnake at 5:23 PM EST on November 12, 2023
Last month i made a tagged version of the Unchained Blades (psp) rip. The tagged version contains tracks that are used in the game, plus one JP-exclusive track. But idk why it's not being published, maybe a new re-rip with !tags.m3u inclusion or any delay?

I can't have a !tags.m3u inclusion in my tagged gamerip. Sorry! Thanks bnnm and others.
by bnnm at 5:12 PM EST on November 13, 2023
Sets get stuck in queue when it's time consuming to verify them, or are under consideration due to particular details. In this case if it's worth adding a [tagged] version.

Old rips could only rename files to "tag" anything so it was ok, but now we have !tags.m3u that makes easy to update the original set. Some sets may have [tagged] for historical/demand reasons, but I don't think joshw really needs tons of renamed sets.

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