Conflict Vietnam & Shellshock Nam 67 by marineveteranm4 at 2:30 PM EST on November 15, 2023
please i need help to game rip the spanish & english voice lines from these games and also the whole soundtrack including RADIO, tried everything, every game extractors, tried pc version, xbox version, ps2 version. Shellshock has .data encrypted files and CV has .psf rare format files in pc version and .data files encrypted in ps2 xbox version i think, my computer skills arent enough good maybe

i do machinimas with vietnam videogames and sime random films, that's why i need these files but also for recover parts of the lost soundtracks of these games made by Vietnam Veterans

it would e perfect a bms script to pass these psf to wav and unencrypt these .dat files and find the psf in shellshock nam 67 too. I came here from Zophars domains, they ripped shellshock nam 67 ost and someone here could have the key to that psychedelic hidden trasure

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