Down the World - Mervil's Ambition Love Theme "Corrected" by K.Z.Mallardo2nd at 10:15 AM EST on January 22, 2024
This game was one of the very few SNES titles to feature a song accompanied by a vocal track.
And there was no good dump of it. The old dump (by Dais and Caitsith2) has has a number of issues.
Firstly, the vocal part just never progresses beyond the "come" part (which is repeated throughout the entirety of the song instead of the actual correct samples). Things only get worse when that exact sample also replaces the flute section.
At first I tried to make another dump, but realized that I pretty much ended up with the same issues.
I believe that this can be addressed via the SNSF format, however I went for an easier solution and just used spc2it and corrected the song manually.
No one asked for it, but here it is anyway:

edited 10:41 AM EST January 22, 2024

edited 10:42 AM EST January 22, 2024
by SoundGLSI at 9:38 PM EST on January 24, 2024
The voice sounds a bit detuned compared to the SPC dump (even though the SPC dump is broken).
by K.Z.Mallardo2nd at 1:43 AM EST on January 25, 2024
That's a frequency issue actually, so it can be addressed. I've made another version with a slightly shifted frequency of the vocals:
by KungFuFurby at 6:14 AM EST on February 3, 2024
I'm the guy that completed the SPC set all those years ago (and did a bunch of other dumps), for those of you curious. I don't think that's something I can just simply put into a SPC file. bsnes-plus tells me that memory location $774D-$D6FF (or VxSRCN ID $10 going by the sample directory, stored at $3000) is doing sample swapping magic. I've gotten rid of this situation before (the Lion King was one of my successes, and I also pulled this off with Captain Tsubasa 5's opening song), but this specific situation sounds like a no go for me. The reason for this is that trying to put all of the vocal samples in there would result in a memory overflow.

This specific case would definitely be a SNSF situation... or a Script700 situation, if you code in the ARAM writes manually.

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