Custom Robo GX GSF playback issue by loveemu at 8:29 AM EST on January 28, 2024
There is a bug in the current set that causes some songs to play much faster than they should.

The game uses the most well-known MusicPlayer2000 engine, but has the ability to change the playback rate by calling the m4aSoundMode function on its own.

The initial state is set by the function at 0x8000548, and the setting is changed by the function at 0x800056C when necessary. I have not disassembled the gsf set created by Caitsith2, but I believe this part must be missing.

The problem is that I don't know which song number playback to fix, but if I program it to be controlled by the minigsf parameter, it would be less painful to change.

Ideally, I should be able to provide corrected results in the near future, but I have been terribly busy recently, so please do not get your hopes up too high.

edited 12:21 AM EST January 29, 2024
by McStoat at 2:54 AM EST on January 29, 2024
It's already been two decades since that set's creation, I had already given up hope of the battle arena music ever getting fixed. What's another decade of waiting if there's even a small chance of it getting done?
by loveemu at 9:52 AM EST on February 3, 2024
Coding for the new set is now complete. It needs to be optimized and unneeded files removed.

I was not aware of this playback issue. This is why it was not fixed for a long time.
by loveemu at 9:10 AM EST on February 4, 2024
Custom Robo GX (2002-07-26)(Noise)(Nintendo)[GBA].7z

Bugfix for the current set. However, reordering and retagging has not been completed. I will leave the rest to someone else who is kind enough to do so.

Some technical information: AGB-ARJJ-JPN-GSF.txt

edited 9:13 AM EST February 4, 2024

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