Extract audio from kane lynch 1 failed by marine025 at 8:32 PM EST on January 28, 2024
srt big file, extracted with game extractor which includes all .wav files including soundtrack but they sound bad like too slow or too speed. gog game version i dont know what is hapenning

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by thermal7 at 2:25 AM EST on February 16, 2024
I think it's because the wav files are often sewn into each other because of the game's quirky sound engine. The files which have different variations (voicelines with or without radio filters, or layered music tracks) are sewn into each other so that they could seamlessly transition in-game. But I've looked into .whd files, and music layers and voices with radio filters are actually supposed to be separate.

I'm not sure, but maybe Game Extractor's plugin was not meant to be used on PC version, but rather the PS3 or XBox version. This site actually has a bms script called PS3_Def.bms, but I can't find a PS3 version anywhere.

Perhaps, cracking that .str file is possible (Hitman: Blood Money's .str file is extractable after all), but the game is so obscure that nobody gives a damn. Too bad. I've been wanting to rip the in-game voicelines for years, but it just doesn't seem possible at all.

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by thermal7 at 2:40 AM EST on February 16, 2024
To add to the frustration, the voicelines are their radio counterparts are not even the same sample rate. The OG voicelines are 32,000 hz while radio voicelines are 16,000 hz. Why the hell would anyone even merge two files with different sample rates like that? That makes it impossible to use Audacity, sox, or any other kind of raw audio scanner because you'd have to somehow create a stereo track with two different sample rates for 2 channels which is just absurd!

The only option would be to decipher the .str file itself, but no one's done that in 17 years, so what can you even hope for?

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