Decrypting Idolmaster Song for Prism acb files by nanpajanaiyo at 1:25 PM EST on February 2, 2024
hello, im new to this forum and i wanted to ask here, i tried many programs but i just cant make these audio files playable. i got the file, changed its extension into .acb and put it in foobar2000 to see if it worked. it does seem to detect the audio files inside of it, but of course theyre encrypted.
i have the key, as it is in vgmstream's list of hca keys, but for some reason no software i try works, either they dont see the files or it spits out errors and empty hca files. i managed to do the usm files with no problem but i want to know what's the actual way to decrypt these.
im kinda new to this whole extracting stuff, so please give me a hand.

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