Decrypting criware audio (Argonavis Kimisute) by nanpajanaiyo at 10:41 AM EST on February 9, 2024
hello, the songs in this game are apparently encrypted with type 9 adx encryption (as described by foobar2000), however im missing the decryption key. theyre in acb/awb format.
i assume theyre encrypted as it sounds like the actual audio mixed with really loud static

i tried using the method seen here however my criware initializer shows " "useDecrypter": false,", so it doesnt give me a key at all

here is a sample of the audio, i would like to know if someone manages to decrypt it


edited 10:42 AM EST February 9, 2024
by nanpajanaiyo at 4:49 PM EST on February 13, 2024
Update: both the adx and hca keys were added on vgmstream, but I'm of course still interested in knowing how one actually finds them! Thank you to anyone who found them.

edited 4:51 PM EST February 13, 2024

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