Wind Waker HD Ripped Music Tracks Missing by Hylia36 at 8:32 PM EST on February 10, 2024
Hello everyone I am new here on this site I have a particular question about the music of the game Wind Waker HD, does the game use both sound files which are sequenced and streamed? because I am always looking for these music themes which are not included in the official Wind Waker HD Sound Selection cd the tracks in question:
5.Inside a House
6.Grandpa’s House
7.Fencing Instructions
8.Beedle’s Shop
9.Big Mysterious Bird Attacks
10.Tetra Discovery
11.Forest of Outset Island
12.Bokoblin Migration
14.Encounter With Tetra
15.Aryll’s Kidnapping
19.Inside the Pirate Ship
20.Forsaken Fortress Invasion 1
21.Forsaken Fortress Invasion 2
24.Reunion With Sister
25.Rendezvous With the Ship 1
26.Rendezvous With the Ship 2
27.Rendezvous With the Ship 3
29.Zunari’s Store
30.Dawn (Intro)
31b.The Great Sea (No Sail)
34.Get Treasure Box
35.Open Treasure Box
39.Dragon Roost Cavern
41.Game Over
47.Get Orb
48.Wind’s Requiem (Baton)
49.Wind’s Requiem
50.Get Baton Song
51.Yacht Game
52.Yacht Game Goal
53.Yacht Game Failure
54.Song of Passing (Baton)
55.Song of Passing
57.Inside Forest Haven
58.The Deku Tree’s Crisis
59.The Deku Tree and the Korok
60.Forbidden Woods
64.New Year’s Ceremony
65a.The Great Sea is Cursed
65b.The Great Sea is Cursed (No Sail)
66.Sacred Shrine
68.Tower of the Gods Appears
69.Tower of the Gods
70.Command Melody (Baton)
73.To Hyrule
1.Sealed Hyrule Castle
2.Get Master Sword
3.Hyrule Castle
5.Aryll’s Rescue 1
6.Aryll’s Rescue 2
7.Aryll’s Rescue 3
8.Aryll’s Rescue 4
9.Aryll’s Rescue 5
13.Ganondorf on Forsaken Fortress
14.The Miracle Stone Shows One’s True Nature
15.Hyrule King Appears
16.Zelda’s Awakening
18.Ballad of Gales (Baton)
19.Ballad of Gales
21.Fairy Queen
23.Earth God’s Lyric (Baton)
25.Medli’s Awakening
26.Earth God’s Lyric
27.Earth Temple
31.Wind God’s Aria (Baton)
33.Makar’s Awakening
34.Wind God’s Aria
35.Wind Temple
39.Hero of the Wind
40.Ganon’s Castle
41.Gohma First Half (2nd Time)
42.Gohma Second Half (2nd Time)
43.Kalle Demos (2nd Time)
44.Jalhalla (2nd Time)
45.Molgera (2nd Time)
46.Illusionary Room
47.Puppet Ganon First Half
49.Puppet Ganon (Transformation)
52.Puppet Ganon Second Half
53.Ganondorf Battle First Half
59.Aryll’s Theme

are there the titles that I mention remain unchanged or are these files the same as those in the GameCube version ? because I don't think I heard the difference Earth Temple theme from the HD version to the original

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by DunksLovesSounds at 12:19 AM EDT on March 25, 2024
Hello! The game does in fact use streamed and sequenced audio.

Streamed audio on HD release is stored on Common/AudioRes/stream as .BFSTM files, which can be converted to high-quality WAVS using something like LoopingAudioConverter. Then there is the Cafe folder. Cafe/US/AudioRes/JAudioRes which contains a similar format to the original gamecube, with the only difference being JaiSeqs.arc is now a file called JaiSeq.bdt, JaiRoom.tbl is now a file called Jailnfo.asn, as well as the higher quality/different samples in the AW banks. No other streamed files in the directory. No idea how to extract the sequences from those file versions, except how to extract AW banks the same way I did with the original gamecube version. Certain music like "TOWER OF THE GODS" (due to the original music needing a control in tempo whenever the dungeon's water rises) AW bank, "kaminoto_0" has different/higher quality samples. Others like "ILLUSIONARY ROOM" and "GANON'S CASTLE" from my knowledge are unchanged. It also seems that every bank that the original games sequenced tracks used were still left in the files, despite a majority of them having STREAMED audio replacements.

So to answer your question, no, they aren't the same. The tracks have slight differences in instrument preset/quality. And not all of the new replacement instruments can be extracted from the game either because of it's usage of STREAMED music too.
by Hylia36 at 11:04 PM EDT on April 4, 2024
Excuse me for being late if I understand correctly it is in theory possible to extract the audio sequences but no one has yet succeeded in developing the tools which would access these audio files/data and I have seen elsewhere on others topic that there were a few people like a certain Crediar saying that he found a way to rip HD music sequences 75% percent but the link he shared seems to be dead or expired for a long time

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