Condemned 2: Bloodshot .SND Files by hzmajesty at 11:40 PM EDT on March 14, 2024
I know others have attempted to break into the Condemned 2: Bloodshot files in previous posts and I've followed the methods using quickbms which led to extracting the .BNDL files from the Arch02 file, then subsequently extracting all the remaining files from the various .BNDL files. At this point I'm left with a plethora of texture files in various wonky formats and all the audio files are in .SND format. I've tried various methods to try to play and/or convert these files but I've had no luck and I'll admit a lot of it is above my head. I attempted to the join the Discord and followed the instructions on verifying the given password with no quotes and I just get an error. So I'm reaching out here and I apologize in advance if I'm doing this wrong.
Update by hzmajesty at 9:17 PM EDT on March 16, 2024
Read the discord wrong, thinking to not message the Moderators instead of not to "DM" them so I got in and was able to get access to the additional bms files that assisted in getting all the audio/texture files. So disregard <3

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