Tiger Magic .DVS Sample bank by Corak at 7:18 AM EDT on April 2, 2024
Could you help ripping samples/music from .dvs data pack from game Tiger Magic (虎將神兵)?
.bms script or else:

offset 0x14: number of files / 2
offset 0x28: 16 bytes for each file: hz, 0, length, offset
also there is some 5 bytes (?) separator every 16kb that would sound as Click.
by Corak at 7:20 AM EDT on April 2, 2024
by WDLmaster at 11:59 AM EDT on April 2, 2024
converted WAVs
by Corak at 4:59 AM EDT on April 3, 2024
@WDLmaster, WOW! Thank you very much!

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