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by nensondubois at 6:19 PM EDT on October 19, 2008
Many of those soundtracks suck. No one owns Intellivision Hi-fi.

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Lego Island by SmartOne at 9:27 PM EDT on October 19, 2008
Spyfoxguy, I used Audacity and basically did the same thing! I have the songs on a hard drive at home encoded to FLAC. But it would be great if someone knew how to rip the original format...
by spyfoxguy at 11:17 PM EDT on October 19, 2008
I'm telling winamp to output wavs from gamecube/wii files. Should I tell it to use 32khz? does the "extra" 44khz quality hurt how it sounds? I thought it sounded worse, but that was probably placebo
by hcs at 12:05 AM EDT on October 20, 2008
If its doing a lousy job resampling to 44.1khz it might sound worse. I recommend having it output at whatever the original frequency is; postpone resampling as long as possible. Your audio hardware likely resamples 44.1khz to 48khz internally anyway, so with luck your system will do a good job of it.

Note also that not all wii/gc files are in 32khz. First party Nintendo games usually are, but you can see 22050hz, 44.1khz, 48khz, etc.

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by -FDM64- at 12:17 AM EDT on October 20, 2008
JILost, could you rip the Super Mario 64 OST in flac?
I (among many others) would be grateful.
Although I have nothing to offer you...
by SmartOne at 9:30 PM EDT on October 21, 2008
Is it possible to rip the music from the Sonic Gems Collection credits movie? It's a great song. The PS2 version is preferred if it uses a higher quality format.

Sonic Mega Collection has a demo movie of Sonic Advance. I'm pretty sure the music is a beta song that was never released. Can that be ripped?

The use of 32 kHz sample rate in Wii games is inexcusable. Metroid Prime 3, Super Mario Galaxy, I'm glaring at you. Super Smash Bros. Brawl may be understandable because it has a ton of music. Come on Nintendo, shake the bad habit!

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by Knurek at 3:06 AM EDT on October 22, 2008
You really need to listen to 11kHz mono streams from other systems.
You'll appreciate Ninty for using 32kHz (which doesn't really sound bad at all) more.
by hcs at 4:06 AM EDT on October 22, 2008
Come on Nintendo, shake the bad habit!

It's one of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Audio Engines. Been good enough since the SNES.
by bxaimc at 9:29 AM EDT on October 22, 2008
I think the reason Nintendo does this is because they don't want the music to interfere too much with the SFX and gameplay by distracting the player into concentrating more on the music than anything else. 32khz sounds good with Pro Logic II though, so it's enough.

I still stand by my statement. :)
by SmartOne at 12:35 PM EDT on October 22, 2008
Knurek, if the quality could be better, why not? They finally have enough space for at least CD sample rate.

Hcs, I think that was a joke... :)

Bxaimc, that doesn't make any sense.

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