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by marcusss at 7:43 PM EST on November 3, 2008
I wish I had lossless music from Shenmue as I'd be interested in a rip also :P
by snakemeat at 9:40 PM EST on November 3, 2008
The Shenmue disc, along with others, is available on Underground Gamer, see here.

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by BtEO at 10:04 PM EST on November 3, 2008
I have a copy of that album (also the Orchestra Version), but I know neither are official pressings.

However, looking with Informer tells me they have never been converted at any point to a lossy format, or at least never at any bitrate where this is noticeable; which considering the age of the discs likely rules out the few combinations of bitrates and codec where this might happen.

I'm aware that this might still not be desired, so I'm looking for a go ahead to do this. I'm familiar with EAC, but I've never bothered with a full set of CUE/LOG/MD5/SFV files for any rips I've made so I'll need to know what performs those tasks. If I do rip should I throw in scans of the cover art and booklet too?

Edit: Never mind, although those rips appear to be from the same bootleg pressings as mine.

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by marcusss at 10:49 PM EST on November 3, 2008
I found a orchestrated version on emule :P but yeah definitely the original version I would love to get m y hands on so will check out that webpage snakemeat :) thanks .. he he.. I never m ind uploading what I have..
by marcusss at 10:51 PM EST on November 3, 2008

THANKS alot for that.. :P ^_^

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by CyberSpark at 12:59 AM EST on November 4, 2008
Thanks, but I had found that website awhile back, I also found the torrent that was uploaded from that site, but sadly there are no more seeders and I've even went on that site's IRC channel to request the soundtrack or a re-seed, to no avail though. :( Also, I can't register to that site unless I have an invite.

Here's the torrent I'm talking about, it's ideal to what I'm looking for in a lossless rip (read Description):
Shenmue Album Suite [Lossless] (NO SEEDERS)

I do appreciate your offer but yeah, I would prefer having the rip done from the official CDs instead of the bootleg, however, since it can sometimes be difficult to find official CDs or lossless rips from official CDs, I might just request it from you anyway, but I'll still always look for a rip from an officially released version.

About the EAC stuff, I've written a tutorial, with picture illustrations and step by step instructions on how to configure EAC to make "proper" lossless rips, it's not that long nor is it a difficult process, I also have additional information on adding and MD5 file and SFV file to the archive.

Yeah I got an EAC version of that album too. It's quite nice but it still doesn't compare to the OST. There's this one song from the OST that I'm stuck on hearing, it puts you in this dream-like state and... it's just great. :)


I'm glad that I'm not the only one that wants this. Please, if someone does happen to have an official release copy of this album or a [EAC] lossless rip from an official copy, please do share. :)

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by CyberSpark at 11:15 AM EST on November 6, 2008
LOL. I have a few more requests, please scan through them to see if you have any of those album, either physical copies of the discs or proper lossless rips.

Oh btw, to those of you that have never heard some of these soundtracks before, click on the images to hear them in their entirety, then if you find something that you like you can join in requesting it. :)

Here's what I'm looking for:

(Click to listen - embedded player)
Arc the Lad Twilight of the Spirits ORIGINAL GAME SOUNDTRACK

(Click to listen - embedded player)
Okami Original Soundtrack

(Click to listen - embedded player)
Phantom Brave Arrange Soundtracks

(Click to listen - embedded player)
Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire ~ Original Music Soundtrack

(Click to listen - links/stream)
Rockman 8 Metal Heroes Original Soundtrack

(Click to listen - embedded player)
Shadow the Hedgehog Original Soundtrax

(Click to listen - embedded player)
Shenmue chapter 1 -yokosuka- Original Sound Track

(Click to listen - embedded player)
Super Mario World

(Click to listen - embedded player)
Super Smash Bros. Melee Smashing… Live! Live Orchestra Music

(Click to listen - embedded player)
Tales of Symphonia Original Soundtrack

(Click to listen - embedded player)
Valkyrie Profile Original Soundtrack

LOL. Sorry to take up the whole page like that. Well that's all for now. Cya.

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by hcs at 12:32 PM EST on November 6, 2008
Images would load, if you used the right syntax.
As it happens I have a lossless rip of the Okami OST (as well as the piano arrange album and a doujin arrange one) in FLAC that I downloaded a little while ago, though I don't know exactly how it was ripped. I also have my own rip of Smashing Live in Monkey's Audio that I made with EAC back in '04 from my brother's disc, still has the log.

I'll see about stashing these in the old /bonus and throw you some links when done.

edited 12:31 PM EST November 6, 2008

Here's Okami Disc 1, lemme know if it isn't what you're expecting.

edited 9:30 PM EST November 6, 2008
by CyberSpark at 7:51 PM EST on November 7, 2008
Hey hcs, thanks for offering this soundtrack, it's an awesome one at that. :D I can't download it right now (stuck on Wii's Internet Channel) But I'll try it out Tomorrow.

Question: do you know if that rip came with a log file and cue sheet? Thanks.

Also, fixed links above, so now you can click on the cover art to hear streaming audio of the enire album

Super Mario World OST is teh awesome! (1st disc)

Please feel free to check though the albums eveyone, tell me if you have em. :)

edited 7:53 PM EST November 7, 2008
by hcs at 10:15 PM EST on November 7, 2008
I got the Okami rip from vgmcentral, and all I know is the files you see, flacs and a cover.jpg in each dir.

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