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Request! by CyberSpark at 9:52 AM EST on November 24, 2008
I've got another request! It's a rare album but maybe someone here might have it (physical CD) or lossless rip, you know, the usual format. :)

OK, here's the album I want:

- Review -


It's the music of Yasunori Mitsuda and performed by Eminence Orchestra and Hopeful Weeds. Unfortunately I couldn't find a site with streaming mp3s, so there's no "Preview" like the other album requests that I've posted previously. :( Hope someone here has it. Cya.

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by CapComMDb at 11:45 AM EST on November 24, 2008
Galbadia Hotel/FF Shrine forums had the MP3s of it. Don't know if anyone has FLAC, but the MP3s were VBR. Do a search here:
by CyberSpark at 12:53 PM EST on November 24, 2008
Thanks CapComMDb but that's actually the first place that I looked, and I have the mp3s as well. What I am looking for now is someone that either owns the CD or has an [EAC] lossless rip, that way, not only would I get the perfect CD quality but also (hopefully) get the files that come with most [EAC] rips necessary to reconstruct the audio disc (A.K.A. burn an exact copy).

Thanks anyway. :)
Castlevania : Order of Ecclesia Original Soundtrack by marcusss at 9:56 AM EST on November 25, 2008
Here is Castlevania Order of Ecclesia Soundtrack . For now I use MU.. Its quite big like 900+mb :-)

Disc 1

Disc 2

Contains no cue file,log etc.. Just the tracks in FLAC format..

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by CyberSpark at 10:24 AM EST on November 25, 2008
Thanks marcusss, I'll definitely be checking this out. :) I hear that Castlevania music is really good, but... well... to be honest, I've never heard not even a single piece of music from the series. :/ Well anyway, no time like the present. Thanks again. :)

Someone must have this soundtrack:

De Blob Original Soundtrack

I read that they were/are(?) giving this soundtrack away at Circuit City with purchase of the game, I only want the soundtrack though, and in proper lossless, as always. :)

Just tell me if you own the soundtrack and I'll show you how to make perfect lossless.

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by CyberSpark at 11:36 PM EST on December 3, 2008
Sup all. I've come back with another request. Please continue to make requests in the thread, If it's video game music, I may have it in lossless (or be able to find it).

I've been looking for this soundtrack for quite a long time now, it's one of my favorite orchestral scores of all time. Please, if you have the album or a proper lossless rip, please upload it. This is the album:

Soul Calibur II Original Soundtrack

Oh, and I'm also looking for this one as well:

Soulcalibur IV Original Soundtrack (2-Disc)

As always, I can show you how to create proper lossless if you don't already know how to. :)

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by CyberSpark at 3:03 AM EST on December 6, 2008
I seem to be the only one requesting in here. :/

Well, here's another one:

Ragnarok Online Original Soundtrack

(Either CDs or proper lossless rip)

It has some really nice music on it, some trace too. If you have it... please. :)
by Dais! at 6:14 AM EST on December 6, 2008
I suggest joining the gamingforce forums and checking out their request board....
by CyberSpark at 11:50 AM EST on December 6, 2008
Thanks but... I'm already a member, and already made all of these requests there too, and FFShrine Forums, and SlightlyDark Forums, and.... :)

I open all of my favorite forums and request the same thing at the same time. Ragnarok Online Original Soundtrack and especially Ragnarok Online II O.S.T. aren't the easiest downloads to come by appearently, I'm hoping that someone here just might happen to have it.

Thanks for the suggestion though but I'm already ahead of ya.

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by CyberSpark at 10:50 AM EST on December 15, 2008
Does anyone have this album:

Megaman X: Arranged Album Soundtrack

--Listen-- --Info--

Can I request an EAC lossless rip please. :) I can trade some music, also in EAC lossless, for this one. Thanks.

edited 10:52 AM EST December 15, 2008

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