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by jelbo at 3:56 PM EST on January 24, 2009
Done with the batch files - they use metaflac.exe and the Windows ren command to switch between English Game Titles and English Literal Translation.

The .cue files need to be two sets of 5. The need correct references to filenames (2 sets, see above) and PERFORMER, according to the tags or reference which I followed.

Not sure if this job can be scripted, don't think it's easy. Example of one track:

FILE "Unknown Artist - Unknown Title\01 - Track01.wav" WAVE
TITLE "Track01"
PERFORMER "Unknown Artist"
ISRC JPE100607410
INDEX 01 00:00:00

needs to be changed to:

FILE "101 Title.flac" FLAC
TITLE "Title"
PERFORMER "Masami Ueda"
ISRC JPE100607410
INDEX 01 00:00:00

Maybe some more technical guys like hcs or UNKNOWNFILE can think up something :) Otherwise it'll have to be done by hand.

I have some #gamemp3s scans around which will do. I could probably scan them a bit prettier, but don't want to waste time on it.
by CyberSpark at 4:35 PM EST on January 24, 2009
It's looking pretty good jelbo. Maybe someone in the Digital-Inn Forums can help answer your questions, if not there, perhaps the Forums: Question & Answer section can help answer some questions about batch files.

edited 4:40 PM EST January 24, 2009
by hcs at 6:22 PM EST on January 24, 2009
post the batches and the cue files and i'll do the search & replace for you, easier to do it than explain it generally
by jelbo at 6:52 AM EST on January 25, 2009
Here they are

The batch files have some tracks left out because they are identically named in the two track title types.

The .cue of disc 2 has wrong titles that are from freedb. The other disc .cue's have TrackXX as track titles.

Thanks in advance :)

edited 6:57 AM EST January 25, 2009
by CyberSpark at 12:07 AM EST on January 27, 2009
Wow, it looks really nice, I'm sure there will be some that will appreciate this. :)

JILost, I don't know if you're still around these forums, I was just wondering if you still have those Sonic Albums that I requested?

I'm going to look for an album that I can upload here, does anyone care whether it's lossless or not? that will make a difference as to what I'm able to upload.
by Athrador at 1:05 PM EST on January 27, 2009
Lossless forever :Q
by jelbo at 5:05 PM EST on January 28, 2009
hcs, if you're at it, do you see any chance to get the ISRC codes from the .cue's and line them up in track order?

btw, you also ordered from YesAsia? They're indeed the cheapest I could find :)
by hcs at 6:11 PM EST on January 28, 2009
Sorry, I've not found the time to work on those files. If you're waiting on me, I'd say probably don't.
Yeah, I ordered the Okami OST and The Black Mages while I was at it (impossible to find a non-bootleg version on eBay), just shipped today :)
by jelbo at 2:24 AM EST on January 29, 2009
You're my only hope ;) No worries, I can wait. I just don't want to copy/paste 218 track titles and artist names into .cue files XD
[Request] by CyberSpark at 6:44 AM EST on January 31, 2009
EAC+FLAC preferred | Will accept mp3s

Does anyone own the Ragnarok Online II O.S.T.? It sounds like such an awesome soundtrack. :) If you happen to own the CD then that would be very awesome and I'd like an awesome rip of it please. If all you have are the mp3s then I'll even take those. There are a total of 20 tracks on this disc.

edited 6:50 AM EST January 31, 2009

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