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by jelbo at 6:02 AM EST on February 28, 2009
Ah, I left my Okami OST rip lying around because I wanted to have the .cue files fixed and I couldn't automate the process..

Anyway, I've really worked quite a bit on getting the tags absolutely right and making batch files with corresponding .m3u/.md5 files to switch between English Game Titles and Literal Translation Titles. hcs, would you be so kind to add my tags to your files using the linked batch/tag files and place my 'switching' .bat files next to your set? I really made them with the general audience in mind :)

I guess the .bat's can be renamed to Linux flavoured ones because they contain general metaflac commands.
by hcs at 1:27 PM EST on February 28, 2009
A few things:
CyberSpark: flac contains its own consistency checks, so as long as you have 218 files you can run flac -t on them to be confident, in fact the file level check is an md5 of the decoded data! But I can throw the md5 up if you insist.

jelbo: I don't want to change the files now that they're online, since it has a good chance of screwing with someone's download. I'll put your tagging batches along with the files so people can use them if they'd like.

edited 2:00 PM EST February 28, 2009
by CyberSpark at 2:40 PM EST on February 28, 2009
hcs wrote:
CyberSpark: flac contains its own consistency checks, so as long as you have 218 files you can run flac -t on them to be confident. But I can throw the md5 up if you insist.

True, however, MD5 files are more sensitive to errors and have the added benefit of checking themselves for errors as well as checking other files that are not .flac, it'll check every other file in the archive (if selected) such as image files and log file, CUE file, .ect. But anyway, it's just a request, it will be really easy to do though if you're willing. :-)

Hey jelbo, hows it be. :-) I'm interested in an EAC lossless rip of the soundtrack, but hey, the more 'complete' the archive the better. Since you put so much work into setting up the archive to have all of the nice extras, they're more then welcome. :-D

This is not really all that important, but if anyone's has any high quality scans I'd be interested. Again, if you don't already have them or don't plan to create them, it's perfectly fine without.
by CyberSpark at 2:49 AM EST on March 1, 2009
Hi all.

OK, I got the Ragnarok Online II O.S.T. uploaded! One small thing: I accidentally named the archive "... [FLAC]" when really the files are .ape format (another type of lossless), that's all. :)

As mentioned before, the archive unfortunately does not contain a log file or a CUE sheet (synonymous with EAC lossless rips), it's good for playback but you won't be able to inspect the rip nor reconstruct the original data as it was laid out on the source disc. :/ I will update if I ever do find an EAC lossless rip of this soundtrack but the chances are slim considering that there were only 1000 copies made.


Download: Ragnarok Online II O.S.T. [APE!]

edited 2:57 AM EST March 1, 2009

Edit: I'll be uploading some other Ragnarok Online stuff a little later, my next upload will be the Super Mario World soundtrack which contains everything good about a rip. :D Just like the Super Mario Galaxy rip that was uploaded earlier, there will be HQ scan, LOG+CUE, and an MD5 file, this is a 2-Disc album. For those of you that don't know, the first disc on this album is a complete Jazz arrange which is pure awesomeness. :D

I'm not sure when I'll have it up but hopefully it'll be soon. Cya.

Edit #2: Hey hcs, really quick: could you tell me the Catalog Number for The Black Mages album? apparently there are two different printings of this album on VGMdb and I wanted to know which one your rip is from. Thanks.

edited 11:40 AM EST March 1, 2009
by hcs at 5:23 PM EST on March 1, 2009
It's from the reprint.
by SmartOne at 5:24 PM EST on March 1, 2009
Final Fantasy X-2 OST [FLAC]

This one was nabbed from a torrent long ago. I'll seed as long as possible. My usual max upload is 40 kbps.

EDIT: I forgot to uncheck "Private torrent" the first time. The link should be the new torrent file with DHT enabled. As soon as someone posts about this I'll start seeding.

edited 11:35 PM EST March 1, 2009
by hcs at 3:51 AM EST on March 2, 2009
Oh, and thanks for the Ragnarok II OST, Cyberspark.
Download! by CyberSpark at 11:13 AM EST on March 4, 2009
Sup yo.

I've got another soundtrack up that you all might like. Its got some Jazz arrangements on the first disc and all the classic background music that we remember from the old Super Mario Bros 1-3 and Super Mario World games. Enjoy. :-)

Super Mario World [WPCL-233~4] [EAC]


I should warn you about something first before you download. Windows has trouble with long files names, and the file names for some of the songs on the second disc are pretty long. As a result, the MD5 file that's included in the archive may not detect those particular songs as being present or you may even have trouble deleting them from your computer (Unlocker will fix that). Rest assured, all of the files are in tact and can be played back as normal (tested this on foobar2k), no data is missing or corrupt, it's just stupid Windows' reaction.

But anywho... the archive is complete, having all the wonderful things you'd want in an EAC lossless rip! (FLAC encoded audio files | 2 log files | 2 CUE sheets | 1 MD5 file | 1 M3U file | HQ Scans). This is a rare out of print CD; so I suggest snatching it up while the link is still alive. :D

edited 11:23 AM EST March 4, 2009
by unknownfile at 11:24 AM EST on March 4, 2009
windows doesn't have problems with long file names

stop using DOS
by Knurek at 12:01 PM EST on March 4, 2009
Yea, try making a 300+ long filename on Windows and then we'll talk.

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