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by SmartOne at 5:20 PM EDT on April 29, 2009
I would the like F-Zero GX/AX OST, please.
by marcusss at 5:40 PM EDT on April 29, 2009
ahh they stopped invites for the moment at PS2PTT.. bah

Ahh just sign up to and grab it there


edited 5:58 PM EDT April 29, 2009
by SmartOne at 8:47 PM EDT on April 29, 2009
by CyberSpark at 8:54 PM EDT on April 29, 2009
Thanks marcusss, I didn't know that UG was excepting registrations again. :) I actually haven't downloaded anything yet, however, I'm interested to check out the log files to the KH OST Complete [lossless] if I can find it. I'm probably going to purchase the soundtrack several months from now, but, I don't see any problem with having the lossless version before then.

Thanks again. :)
by marcusss at 9:44 PM EDT on April 29, 2009
Your welcome :) No worries.. I have ripped alot of lossless stuff there but my drive has no offset code as far as I have searched so don't use it when making flac rips..Mines a LG DVD RAM GH-20NS15 drive. When i check on those websites that talk about offsets in EAC I dont any for mine..

But yeah for me as long as its real lossless and no fake bs then its good with or without logs / cues etc.. :)
by SmartOne at 11:30 PM EDT on April 29, 2009
Why would they be "fake?" I think someone cognisant of lossless formats and how to distribute wouldn't be spreading bloated MP3s, for example.
by marcusss at 12:31 AM EDT on April 30, 2009
i dont mean on sites we download flacs off, but one torrent i download an ost in flac and sounded ok.. but i saw a flac version elsewhere with different sized songs compared to mine and I d/l it and audio was so much better and clearer.. Some people perhaps just convert mp3 to wave then to flac.. its rare i know but it has happened.. he he

I trust UG, PS2PTT and many other sites :P I love flac .. :) I know it takes a twisted person to do such a thing.. he he
by CyberSpark at 2:37 AM EDT on April 30, 2009
Sup guys.

I might be able to explain the reasons why LOGs and CUEs are generated in the first place and why Read offset correction is so important.

First let's start with Read offset correction. Except for a small minority of drives, most all drives have an offset, whether it be minus a few sample (milliseconds) or plus a few samples. If you have a drive with an offset and you want to rip an exact 1:1 copy of an audio CD, this offset needs to be corrected, otherwise, the drive will start reading before or after the actual start point of the disc.

The CUE sheet basically contains the layout of the CD, because audio CDs are just 1 single track and the CUE sheet contains the information of the exact start and stop points which make up the individual tracks.

The log file contains information about the ripping process, what settings were applied, what drive was used, .ect. Although not absolutely required, it's recommended because it can be used to verify a rip and inform the viewer of any errors.

Hey marcusss, have you ever tried configuring your drive to to use the AccurateRip service via EAC? If you put in Key Discs while EAC is open, a window will appear from AccurateRip and attempt to automatically configure your drive's Read offset correction. Even though the exact model name of your drive isn't in the database, it's usually safe to assume that drives of that same model also apply the same Read offset correction. Mine isn't exact listed either, however, EAC, through AccurateRip, was able to configure it. :)

Anyway, just some food for thought.

edited 2:41 AM EDT April 30, 2009
by marcusss at 4:51 AM EDT on April 30, 2009
Yeah i understand that.. Pity in my house I don't have any cds that are on the database.. aha Will have to borrow one I guess.
by SmartOne at 5:22 PM EDT on April 30, 2009
Download one and use it. :P

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