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by marcusss at 9:42 AM EDT on March 15, 2008
To :- Unknownfile

Which stuff you uploading and where if I may ask :) is it you who uploaded all the seiken densetsu or someone else// Nice stuff :)


Super Tennis SPC request by Yoshinkeru at 2:05 PM EDT on March 15, 2008
KungFuFurby: I'd love to get your Super Tennis SPC set if possible. I got one from Zophar's Domain, but it doesn't play from the first note.
by KungFuFurby at 3:02 PM EDT on March 17, 2008
To Lunar:
Gundam Wing: Endless Duel is already on under Shin Kidou Senki Gundam W: Endless Duel.

I have Appleseed in the works, but I have not beaten the game yet.

The two Classic Road sets are there, but they're discontinued. I have no plans to pick up the set.

I have the US version of Exhaust Heat in the works, but I haven't beaten it yet.

Soreyuke is offically announced by me as a working set.

Fifa Soccer '96 is not quite in the works, but I have a working set. However, I should redump the four SPCs I got from Zophar.

Kishin Douji Zenki 3 - Tenchi Meidou is in the Help Wanted section under Incomplete, which means it's discontinued.

You submitted Micro Machines? I would like to know what you have for SPCs: I will contribute my information as well plus my dumps if you want 'em. I do not have a composer, so I'm curious if you have 'em. I have four SPCs:

Title Screen (2:20)
Race Status (0:07, non-looping)
You Qualified! (0:05, non-looping)
One Life Lost (0:06, non-looping)

If there's a fifth one (or more) that I haven't gotten to yet, then let me know and I'll go ahead and work on that.
by KungFuFurby at 3:04 PM EDT on March 17, 2008
To Yoshinkeru: Ask and you shall recieve. I will upload the SPC set to my website and provide you with the link. It's in a RSN format, and it has the tagging information in a text file, not in the SPC file. Therefore, you are getting the original RSN file I made before the release.

I will do this later, however it won't be long.
by KungFuFurby at 3:12 PM EDT on March 17, 2008
The SPC set for Super Tennis has been uploaded on request. The file is here.
by KungFuFurby at 3:15 PM EDT on March 17, 2008
If anyone wants some Zophar sets uploaded here using my dumps, which includes redumps and additions to get rid of the "does not start at the first note" problem, I'd be glad to do that. Just request before the update and I'll accept your request.
by Lunar at 6:51 AM EDT on March 18, 2008
Thanks for pointing me to Gundam Wing. FUKKENSAVED.

What needs to be done with the Classic Road sets? I can confirm that the composer is JUST Hayato Matsuo (no Hitoshi Sakimoto.) As for missing tunes I wouldn't have the first idea.

Looking forward to Exhaust Heat. Which reminds me - Masanao Akahori should be credited for GP-1 here - - if you have any such power!

Here's my Micro Machines set. Has more tunes (fairly certain it is complete):

It's the same music as the Amiga game, just much worse. No-one was credited for the SNES version (that I can tell.) Looks like I have everything you do and more, so there shouldn't be anything you need to do - if there is, at least wait until the set appears on snesmusic. I played through the entire game so I think that should be everything.

And wow, Super Tennis has great music :D wonder who composed that, it sounds very familiar, sorta like Pro Sport Hockey (uses some of the same samples) but also something else too... wonder what it reminds me of.
by KungFuFurby at 3:10 PM EDT on March 18, 2008
The composer for Super Tennis is Yoshi. As for GP-1, where did you get the composer? I'm curious. If it was from the Japanese version, then that's good to know.

As for Micro Machines, I will use your dumps. You have the original composer, which is Matthew Simmonds. Here's the comparison:

1*. Main Theme (I had this as the Title Screen.)
2. Character Select (I actually believe this only occurs when you select your opponents for Challenge mode, not when you select your character. Therefore, I am going to do a renaming and rename this as Choose Your Opponents - Challenge Mode if you don't mind.)
3*. Course Introduction (I had this as Race Status.)
4*. Race Results (Believe it or not, I had this as You Qualified! I can change this title to Race Results - Challenge Mode, since it appears you played Challenge Mode, and probably not the Head To Head mode.)
5*. Lose a Life (I was more of a copycat in this one: I named this One Life Lost, which was directly what the message said when I lost a life. I will also put under Comments that this occurs when you don't qualify.)
6. Opponent Knocked Out (I encountered this track at pretty much the right time: When someone got knocked out!)
7. The Last Race (Yup, this one fits the description.)
8. Champion (Pretty much.)

I have uploaded the set using your dumps plus my initial four, so we each get a 50-50 split, to spcdumpers the Yahoo! Group, complete with the Tagging Information file I normally use. I have credited both you and me for dumping and tagging.

edited 3:35 PM EDT March 18, 2008
by KungFuFurby at 3:44 PM EDT on March 18, 2008
About the Classic Road sets, there are indeed two composers. If you look up the offical page for Hitoshi Sakimoto, he/she puts the game up as a game he/she composed, although mistakenly as Classic Lord.
by Warpstar at 8:06 PM EDT on March 18, 2008
Actually, as the page also indicates, he didn't do any actual composing for those games. He was in charge of arranging the compositions for the SNES hardware, as well as creating sound effects.
I suppose it'd be okay to include him in any potential set credits.

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