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by marcusss at 5:48 AM EDT on July 30, 2009
Yeah the lossless version sounds great :).. Yeah its a pity some cv games are scratchy
Requests + by CyberSpark at 6:03 AM EDT on August 13, 2009
Would anyone happen to have physical copies of the following albums:

Garden Original Soundtrack

- Out of print
F-ZERO GX/AX Original Soundtracks

- Out of print
Planetary Pieces: Sonic World Adventure Original Soundtrack

POWER DoLLS 1 Soundtrack Resonance

Project Soul the Primary Sound Box -Soul Edge ~ Soul Calibur I & II-

Sigma Harmonics Original Soundtrack


I have a few things to offer in EAC lossless format and I hope to get around to uploading them eventually.

CUTS UNLEASHED: SA2 VOCAL COLLECTION - Properly ripped from an original copy, not a bootleg

Dreamfall - The Longest Journey Soundtrack EP - Rare!

PangYa Portable Original Sound Track - Rare!

Shenmue chapter 1 -yokosuka- Original Sound Track - Properly ripped from an original copy, not a bootleg

SONIC ADVENTURE "Digi-LOG Conversation" Original Sound Track - Properly ripped from an original copy, not a bootleg

SONIC ADVENTURE 2 ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK multi-dimensional - Properly ripped from an original copy, not a bootleg


edited 6:15 AM EDT August 13, 2009
by Mouser X at 6:28 PM EDT on August 13, 2009
Unfortunately, I can't help out on any of your requests (they do look interesting though). But, I am interested in some of the albums you say you have. There are so many Sonic Adventure albums out there (at least, I have multiples of them. Perhaps they're named differently depending on the translation?), that I'm not sure what the differences are. Would you be able to clarify that for me? More specifically, what's the benefit/difference of the albums you have, as opposed to others out there (mostly other versions/itterations/compositions/etc.)?

Also, Dreamfall (the name intrigues me) sounds interesting. I'd be interested in listening to that.... So, yah, if you get around to uploading any of those, there's at least one person here who's mildly interested.

Last, good luck on hunting down those albums. If you come across them, let us know. Thanks in advance. Mouser X over and out.
by unknownfile at 2:23 PM EDT on August 15, 2009
I'll just leave this here...

Half-Life 1 (FLAC rip)

Now back to being dead.
by bxaimc at 2:41 PM EDT on August 15, 2009
Hello and goodbye ma'am.
by arbingordon at 1:26 AM EDT on August 23, 2009
SmartOne: are you interested in mother 3+ in flac?
by SmartOne at 4:31 PM EDT on August 23, 2009
Yes please, that would be awesome. :)
by arbingordon at 2:36 AM EDT on August 24, 2009
here and as a bonus of sorts, banjo kazooie flac ost rip

both have cues/logs
by SmartOne at 8:29 PM EDT on August 24, 2009
Thanks again, and thanks to hcs for the hosting, as always.

Too bad Banjo Kazooie is no more than a hardware recording instead of the full synth sounds likely used in composition... even if they weren't.

Too bad Mother3i doesn't boast a decent production like Mother3+. Mother3i has great arrangements of equally great music, but it sounds like crap.
by Omochao at 11:02 PM EDT on August 24, 2009
Anyone have the soundtrack for the new Wolfenstein?

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