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by CyberSpark at 7:20 AM EDT on June 23, 2008
Wow hcs, thanks a ton. Do you know if it's possible to find the lossless versions to Sekaiju no MeiQ Super Arrange Version and Sekaiju no MeiQ 2 Super Arrange Version? They sound like pretty awesome soundtracks to me. :) Thanks again.
by FireDivine at 2:54 PM EDT on June 24, 2008
Why not go to for the FF8 songs and such?
by CyberSpark at 9:49 PM EDT on July 8, 2008
Hi. I have another request to make.

The soundtrack that I'm looking for is 10+ years old and may be rare or hard to find, especially in the format that I want it in. I'm looking for a lossless copy of Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future Original soundtrack.

If anyone happens to know where I can find this album in lossless format or, better yet, actually owns an original copy or the CDs, please inform me, I also have some video game music in exchange (in [lossless] FLAC or APE format). Thanks.

Edit: had the wrong cover art, corrected now.

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by DChronos at 8:27 PM EDT on July 9, 2008
Some of you guys probably know about this already, but if you want a second place to get vg OSTs from, and some anime and movies as well, check this thread out:
Huge OST list

If the link doesn't work, try later. Sometimes the site is down, but not very often. You'll more likely to run into links that will tell you to try back later than see the forum down.

Register at the forums for free, and all that, 5 minutes tops to see the links. Make requests and he'll probably find what you want and put it up, too.

Note to those that might not know, there's a bunch that are in multi-part RAR files (something.part1.rar, etc.). You need to have all the parts downloaded into the same place before you can open and extract it. Then it acts like a single RAR file, not a bunch of them. You'll see all the files by opening or extracting any part, so make sure you don't try to extract every part or you'll have as many duplicate files as rar parts.
by hcs at 8:43 PM EDT on July 9, 2008

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by CyberSpark at 12:08 AM EDT on July 10, 2008
Yeah I've known about Final Fantasy Shrine Forums for awhile, I'm CyberSpark over there too. :) Another one is Gamingforce Forums, they too have alot of VGM but also alot of movie soundtracks (in various audio formats).
by DChronos at 12:17 AM EDT on July 10, 2008
Yeah, GFF was the first place I ever signed up to. I knew them before the VG section was killed... but they're remaking it. You have to register, post, and get on FTP to get there, though, unless they're posting megaupload and other links, too. I haven't done anything there in forever... since the last time they crashed and started from scratch. I signed up as Chronos taking the no post of it before the crash. I was also Dark Chronos. I created a few AVs and a sig for Chaotic century since he liked my time dragon av.

I requested Wild Arms 3 in that thread, hoping to replace my bad copy of song 21 on disk 3... and he had the exact same set I did. x_x 2 hours for nothin'.
by marcusss at 4:00 AM EDT on July 10, 2008
Yeah that link is quite good.. I use that site also.. I am bakabakabaka :P
by CyberSpark at 4:28 PM EDT on July 10, 2008
Ah, the one that recommended me those Guilty Gear OSTs. It's a small world eh, in VGM communities anyway. :)

Back to requests.
I figured that my above request would be a little difficult one, it is very rare after all, therefore, I contacted the composer, Tim Follin, via email and I'm just waiting for a response.

Okay so I have a new one. Can someone please upload the music to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in some lossless format (FLAC or APE). If anyone owns this 2-Disc album, I can show you how to do archival lossless using Exact Audio Copy and a couple of other programs.
by DChronos at 5:41 PM EDT on July 10, 2008
Actually, I wouldn't mind knowing what the best flac encoder is and how to encode to flac. Also, what's the best flac winamp plugin? Last time I looked was awhile ago, but there was like 2 choices and the default one. I had one before reinstalling that sounded OK, but have no idea what one... the one I have now just doesn't seem to sound right somehow.

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