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by valiant at 12:41 PM EST on December 8, 2007
Would have to check the individual scene with my headphones plugged into the TV. Unfortunately I noticed the error long after I passed the cutscenes in question. Given that they have really bad fade-outs in some of their files, it's probably Nintendo's fault.
by Mouser X at 1:37 PM EST on December 8, 2007
I got this as soon as I knew it was available (before HCS even), but I didn't comment on it until now. Really nice job. Thanks you *so* much! I'm very impressed with the music of this game. Mostly because, when playing through, I didn't find the music to be that noteworthy. It was rare that I noticed the music at all, even. Listening through your rip though, I've been able to realize that the music is actually really good for 2 main reasons. 1) It's good, even by itself; 2) It does its job really well. In the game, it doesn't "overpower" the game, but is instead background music. It blends in, and compliments the game. Thus, in the game, it wasn't noticable (which is how it ideally how it should be, considering its purpose), but by itself, it's still really good.

As for the rip, I found the songs to all be very quiet. Specifically, I tend to listen to my music at -25 db in Rockbox (it veries between -30 db and -20 db), but with this rip, it was between -15 db and -5 db, meaning, I had to turn it up more than I'm used to. This is only a minor complaint though, since I *can* turn it up (obviously, since I did). I, too, would like to see the "artist" tag filled. In Rockbox, I got "Nintendo" as the artist, since the artist info wasn't available. It defaulted to another method of reading info, and the TP rip is in a "Nintendo" folder.

This may be irrelevant, but what about Replay Gain tags? Reading what you've posted, it sounds like you applied Replay Gain when you encoded the files. Thus, RG tags shouldn't be necessary, if I read that correctly. I don't normally use RG (for various reasons), but with as quiet as these were, I considered it because I think I can "preamp" the songs with it.

Last request: If I provided you with an ADX encoder, could you convert some of these songs to ADX? Due to the amount of songs, I would never expect you to do it for all of them. But, I could hope you'd be willing to do it for a few of them. The reason I'd want them converted to ADX is for looping support. While others may disagree (I know I've seen some people who didn't like it at GFF), the Hyrule Field at night music is some of my favorite. I'd like to have that one loop if I could. There are of course others, but I thought I'd ask you if you'd be willing to even do it. I can't do it because I don't have the originals, and I don't have a reliable means of discovering the point at which the music loops. You might not either, but the way the readme sounds, is that you at least have a better idea than I do about how to find the loop point, and to get it to loop properly.

If you're unwilling or unable to do this, then could you give me some pointers on how to do it myself? There's some good songs in TP that I'd like to have loop. This also goes for some other games that I'd like to convert to ADX for looping support. So, if you have any pointers on how to do this/how to find loop points/match up loop points, I'd appreciate any help you can offer.

Thanks again for the awesome rip. I *really* appreciate the work that went into this. It sounds top-notch. Mouser X over.
by anewuser at 1:51 PM EST on December 8, 2007
For any unable or unwilling to download from megaupload > I'm among those. Thanks, hcs / Prime Blue

edited 2:03 PM EST December 8, 2007
by holyice7 at 5:20 PM EST on December 8, 2007
I noticed some of the incorrect loops as well (probably because all I can do here is find loops and fix I'm a bit sensitive to it), but if what Mouser wants becomes reality, I would be more than happy to aid with re-timing.

One thing you could do is open the mp3 in Audacity or another such music editor and find the loop visually and audibly against the timing bar at the top of the application, then make notes somewhere for Prime to change the fade start.

Of course, that's assuming he left the Field Night theme long enough to include the loops you need.
by Mouser X at 5:36 PM EST on December 8, 2007
I never said it was timed/looped wrong. It plays twice through, and then fades out. This is what I expected it to do. However, I like the song, and I'd like to listen to it (w/o fade in/fade out, in other words, w/o ending and restarting) for longer than it plays when looped twice. Essentially, coverting the music to ADX, with correct loop points, would make it similar to most other emulated formats, in that it could loop infinitely, if so desired. Converting it to ADX isn't going to fix looping issues, if the problems are present in the original file, or if the loop points are incorrect.

If there's a problem with loops, then perhaps you should point them out? I'm sure that Prime Blue would be glad to know about it. I didn't divert my full attention to the rip, since I listened to it at work. However, it sounded really good to me, just a little too quiet.

Prime Blue: One other thing. If you're willing to help with some ADX conversions/looping support/issues, would it be okay if I were to provide you list of songs I want converted? The Hyrule night music is the one I want the most, but there are a few others I'd like to see given looping support as well. Mouser X over.

edited 5:42 PM EST December 8, 2007
by AENIGMA at 6:38 PM EST on December 8, 2007
Mouser X, what program are you using to convert to ADX? And does it convert WAV to ADX?

I just finished converting the Bully soundtrack to MP3 and I wish I knew that there was a program that could do that before I started :(


Did a little searching and I found adxencd and it seems to work :) Is this what you use?

edited 7:18 PM EST December 8, 2007
by Mouser X at 9:52 PM EST on December 8, 2007
It's the same version number (I downloaded it and ran it to check), so I guess you're good to go. I got mine from an English site though. Also, the only input files it can take are WAV, so yes. To convert MP3s (or whatever) to ADX, you'd have to output it to WAV first. The ADX encoder is a command line app, if that's an issue. I know a frontend for the ADX encoder exists, but I've never been able to find it...

Anyway, hopefully that answers your question. The ADX encoder isn't that hard to use. The hard part is knowing the sample address (number of samples) of the loop points. If anyone has some pointers on how to (preferably easily) find those (using a free program), I'd appreciate it. There's some really good music out there that I'd like to get looped... Mouser X over.
by AENIGMA at 10:42 PM EST on December 8, 2007
Thanks Mouser X, I'm probably going to re-rip the music again (through MFAudio) and manually edit the clicks out again. R* made the audio 22050Hz and in the process it made tons of clicks in the louder songs.

I use GoldWave to edit audio and it shows multiple time data including the sample address (see the menu at the bottom the this screen grab). I think Audacity might show the sample address as well.
by unknownfile at 11:02 PM EST on December 8, 2007
FUN FACT: ADX is a lossy format
by Mouser X at 11:28 PM EST on December 8, 2007
Unkownfile is correct. ADX is a lossy format, and doesn't compress (lossy or not) as well as MP3 does. As such, your ADX files will almost certainly be larger than the MP3 equivilent. However, depending on the bitrate, this is not always the case. Espeically since the MP3 has twice as much audio time (2 loops) as the ADX does. In other words, it might be close to the same size (since the MP3 has twice the data), but it probably won't be very close (since MP3 uses a much better compression method).

On the note of GoldWave or Audacity, is there a way to have 2 WAV streams open in the same window, so that I can do a side-by-side comparison to aid in finding the loop point? What are the memory recommendations for GoldWave or Audacity? I know I've attempted to use them before. My guess is I had memory issues, and gave up... Or patience issues... Mouser X over.

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