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by valiant at 8:42 AM EDT on October 17, 2007
Well, I've started a new game to see how frequent the song intros are messed up.
I can get a lot of the tracks without these errors, but there are also a few ones I just can't avoid them with - amongst them pretty important ones ("Faron Woods" being one example).

Just thought I'd at: I've found out what "kyakumachi.ast" is, in case that was not revealed yet - it's "The Legend of Zelda: Orchestra Piece #1", the song played alongside demo_movie98_00.thp.
I found out through renaming the original "demo_01_02.ast" (Ilia with Epona at the beginning of the game) to "demo01_XX.ast" and "kyakumachi.ast" to "demo01_02.ast".

If swapping file names of the streamed data works, it might as well work for the BGM AW files...

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by hcs at 6:41 PM EDT on October 17, 2007
Interesting, so kyakumachi.ast actually works? maybe the rip I have is bad, but I recalled it cutting off before the end.
Streams are entirely self contained, unfortunately the other audio is a much more complicated system.
by valiant at 7:39 PM EDT on October 17, 2007
Well, I can't play it in Winamp, it's the only file that doesn't work with in_cube.

But since it works in the game, it seems like it's a slightly different format or something. I wonder why they included that track on the disc, albeit the THP movie has it muxed anyway. Maybe it was going to be used elsewhere?

Regarding the rip:
The general outline of my new plan is as followed...
1. I'll record all the tracks I can get without distortions during my normal playthrough and will write down all the songs I'm not able to rip.
2. I'll then modify the pointers in the BAA to the missing songs, at the same time swapping AW file names in hope of finding the one that is needed for playback.
3. It would be really, really helpful to know which BMS uses which AW file, but as that's probably impossible to find out, it would be neat if you could modify your AW ripping program to work for Twilight Princess. That way I can at least guess which files it could be, reducing the ripping time significantly.
by hcs at 8:52 PM EDT on October 17, 2007
It's certainly not impossible to find out how the AWs are used, just currently beyond my knowledge.
I'll work on a dumper for TP. Since the WSYS format is the same in WW I'll take advantage of my new learnings to fix it as well.
by hcs at 11:16 PM EDT on October 17, 2007
Ok, updated baad will now extract, among other chunks, the .wsys files.
Then run wsyster, with the name of the .wsys file to use, in the same directory as the .aw files in question. I suggest using only Z2Sound.baa.1.wsys, as it has the BGM samples; the other is for sound effects and has very many files.
I'd like to point out also that I'm not happy with these tools yet. For one I need something to dump wsys from WW aaf, for another I need to fix a number of broken samples which are stereo or something, I also want to do something to support he fact that many of these samples can be looped.

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by valiant at 6:12 AM EDT on October 18, 2007
Many thanks, hcs!

Hahaha... They're cheating for the "item get" sounds, they're prerecorded samples! ^_^ Cheateeeers! seems to be the bank for Faron Woods. is Gerudo Desert.

So I'll try to swap those two again to see if that method works.

EDIT: Didn't work, the same samples of Faron Woods were played as before (guitar, strings, recorder). I'm trying it with Forest Temple now, since I'm sure it's

Damn, another deadend: Neither swap-renaming, nor actually replacing the AW files worked. What the?
This is like, really frustrating.

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by hcs at 7:34 AM EDT on October 18, 2007
Well, the AW files are just the wave data; the instrument bank setup is through the bnk/IBNK sections of the .baa, linked to the wave data through the WSYS section. At least that's what I think. The actual link between the IBNK section and the WSYS hasn't been established, which would show how banks are connected to the actual samples they use. This is as troubling as the unknown connection between the sequences as referenced in the .bst and the instrument banks.

Other observation:
It is probable that multiple .aw files are used at once. You will notice that is particularly large, it probably contains most samples, and others are loaded as needed for specific special instruments.

If you don't mind I'd like to request a clarification: when you swap Faron Woods with Gerudo Valley (both the bst and aw files) and go to Gerudo Valley, it just plays a few notes from Faron Woods?
When you swap Forest Temple with Gerudo Valley what exactly happens, and where?

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by valiant at 8:15 AM EDT on October 18, 2007
I think I've understood the connection between the individual files now.

Just to clear that up:
I tried the following things...
1. Gerudo Desert -> Faron Woods (BST swap)
2. Gerudo Desert -> Faron Woods (BST swap + AW file renaming)
3. Gerudo Desert -> Faron Woods (BST swap + AW file replacement)
4. Gerudo Desert -> Forest Temple (BST swap + AW file replacement)

The results were:
1, 2, 3: Some samples played
4: Silence

I should mention that I didn't do actual swaps (like for example "Gerudo Desert -> Faron Woods" AND "Faron Woods -> "Gerudo Desert") but just one song to play in another area.

EDIT: Now I know because I hated the sky dungeon theme so much, it's played with only four samples. Over, and over. And over, and, over.
Also, LOL at the samples of, the bank for "Malo Mart". XD

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by PokeParadox at 10:39 AM EDT on October 18, 2007
God I love it when things like this are happening, I hope you succeed in getting a nice clean rip! :)
by Lunar at 10:43 AM EDT on October 18, 2007
Heh it's kinda annoying that the .aw banks don't have recognisable filenames like Wind Waker's did. Could be potentially hazardous when ripping them all... 5000 or more ambiguously titled wave files to sift through sure will be fun.

Speaking of which, I can't tell what's required for ripping .wav files from the .aw banks from this conversation (or has such a utility not been made yet?)

EDIT: awesome thanks, figured it out now (mostly) -- omg how many wavs?? 13209 sound effects... how on earth does that figure... well I've deleted all those now and I'm trying to rip them again bank by bank instead (as it isn't insane.) ripped fine (yay midna sounds!), but none of the others worked by themselves. I'm guessing it's due to the banks needing to be ripped in sequence (ie. to rip bank 4, you have to also rip 0,1,2 and 3 at the same time, etc.)? That's manageable for the first few banks but eventually that's going to get progressively more painful. Is there any way that behaviour could be changed?

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