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vgmstream by hcs at 6:57 PM EST on February 5, 2008
I've been talking about doing a rewrite of in_cube for a long time, I'm finally getting around to it now. The decoding library itself is called vgmstream, I have a project set up for it. I'm adding newer formats at the moment but I expect to eventually get all of in_cube stuff in there.

I'm keeping the code in SourceForge's subversion repository, so those interested can take a look at the code as it develops.

Would anyone be interested in builds of the command line decoder that I'm using to test? It'll be a while before I get this into a Winamp plugin or anything like that. vgmstream has accurate .brstm looping which in_cube isn't going to have (I'd have to rewrite it and that's sort of the point of vgmstream). It wouldn't be too hard to put up some mingw32 builds when I update.
by JILost at 2:57 PM EST on February 12, 2008
I, for one, would find that pretty awesome. I'd like to hear improvements in current formats as they come and I'm sure everyone will want new builds of vgmstream as formats get added which aren't currently in in_cube. Granted, I'm the only person responding in about a week, but I say: Do it.
I also did^^ by Bugger at 4:32 PM EST on February 13, 2008
I also was interested, BUT, I didnt know anything about it, but since my "... dll" Thread on this page I do, so PLEASE DO IT.

But what is brstm looping?
Maybe make it to a simple wav? [I mean the decode]
by hcs at 11:27 PM EST on February 13, 2008
.brstm is a format used by some Wii games. A very similar format, but with reversed endianness, is used on DS titles in files with a .strm extension.
The test decoder does just decode to a .wav. I'll ses if I can figure out the file release system.

Ok, now up in the sourceforge file release thing. You'll want vgmstream-test-r27 for the Windows executable. You can sign up for release announcements for the vgmstream package, if you like, as I may not announce every time I post a build.

edited 12:26 AM EST February 14, 2008
\\\\\\\"Little things\\\\\\\" by Bugger at 1:06 PM EST on February 14, 2008
The error "either -p or -o, make up your mind"
the "either" is written lowercase^^ [I know I overdo it]

YOU FORGET TO MAKE AN EXAMPLE, I cannot play something, with this:

test.exe -p -l 1 test.adx

The dos thing outputs data trash and my hardware speaker goes blee blee blee, only to stop the cmd it can be quit...

But this works fine for me:
test.exe -o test.wav -l 1 test.adx

FEATURE REQUEST, can you make a parameter that does output all things [sample rate, loop point and so on] in a file? and doesnt decode the file?
So its easyer to write a GUI...

I made a proper helpfile[also in german]


=====English=====[By hcs]


This is vgmstream, a library for playing streamed audio from video games.

It is very much under development. The only end-user part right now is the test program,
simply called "test" (test.exe for Windows), which decodes a file to a standard .wav output file.

Formats supported by this version of vgmstream (r27):

- .brstm (RSTM: GC/Wii ADPCM, 8/16 bit PCM)
- .strm (STRM: NDS IMA ADPCM, 8/16 bit PCM)
- .adp (GC DTK ADPCM)
- .agsc (GC ADPCM)


Usage: test.exe [-o outfile.wav] [-l loop count] [-f fade time] [-i] [-p] [-c] inputfile
-i: ignore loop
-p: output to stdout
-c: loop forever

=====German===== [Translator: Sancta Agita]


Das ist vgmstream, eine Bibliothek um Streamed Audio von Videospielen [GC,Wii,Ds...] abzuspielen / zu encoden. [.wav].
Derweil wird viel daran gearbeitet. Das einzige was zu sehen ist ist dieses Testprogramm, der Einfachheithalber "test" [test.exe für Windows],
die Ausgabe ist standard wav.

Unterstützte Formate:

- .brstm (RSTM: GC/Wii ADPCM, 8/16 bit PCM)
- .strm (STRM: NDS IMA ADPCM, 8/16 bit PCM)
- .adp (GC DTK ADPCM)
- .agsc (GC ADPCM)

Viel Spaß! -hcs

Usage: test.exe [-o outfile.wav] [-l loop count] [-f Ausklingzeit] [-i] [-p] [-c] Eingabedatei
-i: Loop ignorieren
-p: Ausgabe zu stout
-c: Endlos Loop

edited 1:12 PM EST February 14, 2008

edited 1:23 PM EST February 14, 2008
by hcs at 2:52 PM EST on February 14, 2008
You do understand that it is just a test, right? I wouldn't go writing frontends for it.
by Bugger at 3:07 PM EST on February 14, 2008
Sure I know, its me is just a bit boring, so I did these and that...
But I would like to write one for myself [I`m selfish I know^^]
by hcs at 3:36 PM EST on February 14, 2008
Why not write a proper command line decoder, instead? That'd be more of a benefit, and I'd be glad to include your changes in "test".
by Bugger at 4:44 PM EST on February 14, 2008
As I said I have NO idea about C++ or anything similar, I just deal with this noobish programming language DarkBASIC, I can make an interface, but not a bit more, thats why I`m only in doing an interface.

I want to learn it, but I`m not the type to be a good learner, I lack in everything of motivation...
by hcs at 5:49 PM EST on February 14, 2008
Woohoo, r30 up, with .rsf decoding!
Made some changes to the test program and readme, didn't include the German translation just yet.

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