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by Knurek at 1:14 AM EDT on March 15, 2017
I'm pretty sure BFSTMs from Blaster Master Zero are the Switch version (Tegra is LE, while Espresso was BE).
The dev just 'forgot' to remove them from the 3DS version.
Thanks for adding support for them. :)
by Ultrafighter at 4:34 AM EDT on March 15, 2017
Hello Bnnm, can you please tell me if it is possible to add PS3 variant of Techland XWB? That company (or more precisely their own Chrome engine) uses that type of an audio bank even on PlayStation III and actual contained streams are AT3 (not plus).
For example Sniper: Ghost warrior has such system of storing its BGMs: there're no XSBs as filenames are in XWBs themselves and tracks extracted using XWBsplit can't be played because they're recognized as XMA2 encoded ones. I managed to get a few test files from one bank playable but it was quite a chore: unpack initial sound archive with unXWB, delete original headers with QuickBMS then add ATRAC3 ones using another script by Alpha23 (bitrate's figured out by method of trial & error but there're just 3 options anyway, 66, 105 or 132 kbps and the middle one worked).
Anyway this score is nothing special so I can definitely wait for proper implementation of such format variation into VGMstream if it can be done. It'd surely be neat to simply unpack contents of all XWBs with xwb_split then play them directly.

Also it might be useful for completeness sake to look at currently unplayable seq#.xwb files from Silent hill 4: The room, XBox version, what if they have some additional VGM in them? I remember unpacking individual streams out of 'em quite some time ago (unxwb was used as I recall) but I couldn't get them to play.
In any case XWBsplit chokes up on all of them (XWBs I mean) and gives me "Compact size found" & "Unexpected EOF" error.

BTW entire SH4:TR score plus cutscene tracks are in some probably unknown format with extension *.xmd, I'd appreciate it if you took a look at them whenever times allows (I heard those XMDs were found in XBox versions of one or two different Konami VGs but I don't remember their names). Right here I compiled a sample pack with examples of both aforementioned types of files.

PS. Thanks in advance for implementation of Timeshift tracks, I'm going to listen to those surround MP3 mixes right now! I guess they'll be played back just fine...
by bnnm at 6:43 PM EDT on March 15, 2017
Those PS3 XWB are fascinating, and easy to add.

Silent Hill 4 are fake XWB, which confuses xwb_split, don't have any format info. They seem to be sfx packs, but you can create GENH with: Xbox IMA codec, 2 ch, 24000hz(?), start offset between 0x18-0x60 (varies, try +4: 0x38,0x3c,etc)

XMD (also in Castlevania Curse of DarknessXbox) I'll check later.
by marcusss at 12:37 AM EDT on March 18, 2017
Hi bnnm.

A few PS3 games I extracted have files/archives I can't get music from

Black Knight Sword looks and sounds good but all files in the game have .xxx extension.
Black Knight Sword Stage 1

Dead Naton Audio.pck

Dead nation has music from Ari Pulkkinen :-) ;-)

Bejeweled 3 Main.rsb

I have given up as they seem to have proprietry compression or something..but thought you might have better luck ;)



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by ChillyBilly at 1:13 AM EDT on March 18, 2017
About the Black Knight Sword file... if it has an .xxx extension, then I'm pretty sure that means it's from an Unreal Engine game, for which in that case you can use something like Umodel to extract the sound. ;)

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by marcusss at 5:35 AM EDT on March 18, 2017
Ok i will give it a go.

by Ultrafighter at 1:03 PM EDT on March 18, 2017
Even if Gildor's unpacking tools work fine on this specific title you'll supposedly get *.SoundNodeWave files which are usually containers for FSB or MSF on PS3. You can drop each soundnodewave to FSBii to scan for contained FSBs or use this kind of batch:

for %%a in (*.SoundNodeWave) do (
md "%%~na"
cd "%%~na"
"..\fsbii" "..\%%a"
cd ..

Save it as "Extract all with FSBii.bat" and voila! You'll have to place EXE, BAT & SNWs in the same folder though.

As for MSFs you'll probably have to set a BMS script right but I guess you know how to specify needed strings to search for (it's codec identifier in most cases)? I presume it was required to rip both DLCs for TES5.
Well I think I can elaborate on the whole QuickBMS involvement issue if it's really needed and helps you in your quest.
Take care!
by marcusss at 10:36 PM EDT on March 18, 2017
Ok thanks ultrafighter. Will take a look and give it a try.

I just really started getting into the ripping of ps3 and xbox games so i try to help but I am not at an advanced level.

The games that the files are all a mess annoy me like they are compressed. Just give me a headache to sift through. Aha

I want to rip the game, nex machina the pc version as it will be released in a few days. It has great music by ari pulkkinen

Actually a game alienation was also done by him but hard to find so fingers crossed i can get it and rip it too :) but it is a 2016 PS4 GAME !! DOH

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Help by Sephirothkefka at 5:13 AM EDT on March 19, 2017
Can someone compile a dll for the latest version of in_vgmstream? I've tried to compile the dll my self with partial success (the text when viewing the info about the song is garbled characters as is when adjusting the settings)
by Knurek at 7:44 AM EDT on March 19, 2017
Anyone wants to take a look at GTAV AWC files?
There's a AWC->WAV converter available (OpenIV), I'm thinking whether to upload the original data (unplayable), converted WAVs (playable) or both... :)

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