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by Ultrafighter at 2:58 AM EDT on April 21, 2017
Thanks for recommending me these 3 utilities Bnnm but as I originally expected they didn't work on any *.celt file from Styx: Master of shadows. I guess it's because all those tracks have already been extracted out of their native FSB bigfiles and not with FSBii but with FSBext. Or did devs of that VG not use FMOD at all? It's pretty much possible they chose plain CELT instead of CELT inside FSB sound banks.
by bnnm at 6:24 PM EDT on April 22, 2017
** latest vgmstream changes (foobar / test+winamp+xmp)
- Added OGL Vorbis decoder/meta [Jett Rocket (Wii), FAST Racing NEO (WiiU)]
- Added basic SXD support [Gravity Rush SFX, Freedom Wars SFX (PSV)]
- Added XWB v1 [Silent Hill 4, Project Gotham Racing 2]
- Fixed RIFF/Wwise detection rejecting some valid lwav [Cave PC games]
- Fixed Wwise XWMA v2 num samples
- Relaxed Cstr loop checks [Mr. Driller Drill Land (GC)]
- (dev) XMA cleanup
- Added AKB2 MSADPCM [The Irregular at Magic High School Lost Zero (Android)] (by nine)

Also updated xwb_split to handle XWB v1.


@Ultrafighter - you need the original FSBs, yes. Those raw .celt are useless, as the header is in the FSB, and the data is custom.
by Ultrafighter at 2:24 AM EDT on April 23, 2017
Hi Bnnm, I'm truly thankful for explanation of CELT issue, I think I can wait for rerip of Styx as well as new improved set for Far cry 2.
Hmm, maybe you'd like to look into FC2 *.sbao files and see if you can understand them? My guess is that Zench, author of DecUbiSnd, is unreachable via XeNTaX forum now so contacting him is currently troublesome.
I checked with the latest DecUbiSndGUI and can tell you that those SBAOs are recognized as 2-layered "interleaved 9 stream" files but nothing except static can be heard when attempting to play them. I also tried opening them (both original SBAOs & both extracted untouched *.layer files) as PCM RAW in Sony Sound forge and experimenting with number of bits and sample type but couldn't get anything besides horrible loud static.
Do you think you can assist me somehow?

BTW I've just checked a few BGMs from "Mission: Impossible. Operation Surma" & Terminator 3: The redemption from GC (those MDS tracks which are in fact DSP without needed coeffs) and they sounded way better than I expected! I was afraid it'd be some huge static with slight traces of music in the background but audio quality appeared to be much better. Of course it'd be cooler if there wasn't some light static / hissing accompanying playback but at least you can hear actual VGM while playing these *.mds files!

Goodbye, thanks in advance for any help you can give! So long!
by bnnm at 9:35 AM EDT on April 23, 2017
@Ultrafighter - I'll take a look to the Ubi ADPCM later, but I need more samples from various games, or at least the names.
I suspect the only way is to add them to GENH.

MDS I'm guessing it's missing only a few coefs so it sounds mostly ok. Maybe they are in the header, as there are some unknown/unsused bytes, but I don't know enough about DSP to understand what's going on.
by Ultrafighter at 2:32 AM EDT on April 24, 2017
As I said I still have quite a few samples from Open season for PC so here they are. You see it's mostly segmented dynamic stuff but there're also numerous relatively long 1+ min. tracks. BTW Prince of Persia: Sands of time & Warrior within, PC versions, used the same BGM system and probably similar codec but I don't have example files from those titles anymore.
I can also offer you some bits and pieces from my old PS3 rips, I did them using just DecUbiSndGUI too (first scanning STREAM.ss6 or something for contained streams, then figuring out sample rates & number of channels and finally decoding to PCM). This is the 2nd pack of mine, it might be way too small but it's better than just names of games, am I right?
by kode54 at 7:28 PM EDT on April 24, 2017
How about another unsupported stream format? I dunno what's up with Croc 2 for PC (available on, bunch of .ASF files that obviously aren't Microsoft's format.
by AnonRunzes at 9:07 PM EDT on April 24, 2017
@kode54 - Or the .ess format that has been used in Eugen Systems` games.
by Knurek at 4:42 PM EDT on April 26, 2017
@bnnm: Some XWB files from BlazBlue CentralFiction don't play with VGMStream.


000_btl_rg.xwb, 003_btl_rc.xwb - playable. Rest of the files isn't.

Let me know if you need more samples.

//EDIT: Weirdly enough, they play fine when I use xwb_split on them...

edited 5:12 PM EDT April 26, 2017
by Ultrafighter at 7:57 PM EDT on April 26, 2017
Hi Bnnm, I found some MDS files that don't play even with the latest version of plugin, here they are. I'm talking about Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma & Terminator 3: The redemption for GC of course.
Can you take a look at those tracks? Player identifies them as 0 Hz, 0 channel ones but maybe they actually have valid headers and can be implemented into VGMstream?

edited 7:59 PM EDT April 26, 2017
by bnnm at 3:30 PM EDT on April 27, 2017
@Kode54 - Looks kinda like MS-ADPCM? There is a decoder here, maybe somebody could reverse engineer it.

@Knurek - they have some unexpected padding, I'll relax the validation. xwb_split reconstructs the file without the padding so it works.
Do they come from an archive, could it be an extractor problem?

@Ultrafighter - they are fixable, MDS with data I didn't expect. They make me think that the coefs are somehow in the header, but don't follow the usual format (explained here).
I noticed MDS only use coefs 0..7, I wonder why.

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