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by bnnm at 4:09 PM EDT on June 12, 2017
Multistream RWS only play the first one, I need more examples to understand them.

Those XWMA have wrong size in the header. They may be incorrectly extracted, or if they are really like that they can be supported in the future.

x360audio is Unreal Engine stuff, unsupported as I think there are many variants; you can create a GENH instead with some effort tho.
by AnonRunzes at 7:25 PM EDT on June 12, 2017
@bnnm - "Multistream RWS only play the first one, I need more examples to understand them."
by marcusss at 8:34 PM EDT on June 12, 2017
I can send a few of those xbox muti stream rws.later I will do so.
by marcusss at 10:44 PM EDT on June 12, 2017
@bnnm :

Thanks for the reply.
Halo 4 has lots of working wwise music files which were extracted along with ~15 xWMAs. Unfortunately most are decent sized music..3 or 4mb in size. The wwise work so maybe the xWMA are that way but will try again to extract the files or a different program.

Hopefully in regards to the it can be supported some day.
by Ultrafighter at 5:32 AM EDT on June 13, 2017
@Bnnm: here're some Jacked example files, if you want more Xbox ones just tell me and I'll provide them rather swiftly.
BTW thanks for the latest rendition of VGMstream, great work as usual!

@Marcusss: I'm actually interested in Singularity score, I hope you'll finish it at some point and add it to VGM archives (or at least post it here)! Maybe this Alpha23's script helps you and it's actually able to extract XMAs with headers probably contained in * files, who knows? Those containers might be quite simple and pretty standard *.SoundNodeWave ones, devs changed their extension for their convenience or something...
Anyway it's up to you to figure it all out!

by marcusss at 6:41 AM EDT on June 13, 2017
@ Ultrafighter

Most music from Singularity works and are XMAs if I can remember just the odd 10 files or so have the x360.audioextension. it was slightly painful as there were 104,000 or so extracted files. Heh I just cut out anything below 100kb or thereabouts. Hah
by bnnm at 1:15 PM EDT on June 13, 2017
@Marcusss - Ah, those XWMA are actually Wwise too, rename to .wem.

If you are using umodel to extract Unreal Engine games, IIRC it manually adds a XMA header to the .SoundNodeWave / x360audio, but sometimes fails and extracts the original file instead.
by marcusss at 7:33 PM EDT on June 13, 2017
@bnnm well I didn't think that would work. Those xwma files are all wma9 professional music files wma extension doesn't work though as I thought I'd try that so guess is audiokinetic wma9ro??.. Interesting..they seem to be locked at 48kbps so but at least are large lie 6 mins to 9mins for some.

BTW the from singularity look similar to these wma9pro wem files but have no header.

On another note I was etracting files from TMNT Reshelled XBOX360. After extracting files I came across some BIK files etc.. but Music is most likely stored in BIN files. They have CPBK headers

must be another of those PAK fies. Anyone interested in takin a look at it? Above I linked a couple examples.

Cheers !

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by Ultrafighter at 6:51 AM EDT on June 14, 2017
@Bnnm: I've got some samples coming from various EA VGs, it's not much but science is still going to benefit from my upload I guess.
Anyway there're some XBox 360 example files and quite a few PC ones. The former I was able to rip using ea_multi_xma tool and the latter are currently unplayable but decodable by ToWAV, one has to dump them to channel-split PCM tracks though. There're many 8ch. files (those are converted to 4 stereo layers), 4ch. ones (mostly cutscenes) and even stereo examples (stingers and stuff).
I hope it'll be helpful, it'd be very nice if such codecs were supported by VGMstream. Some titles which utilize aforementioned audio formats have pretty good original scores, especially The godfather sequel, so that many VGM fans should appreciate addition of respective codecs to VGMstream's support list.

@Marcusss: I've just gotten an idea in regards to your demuxed BIK files which aren't playable with help of VGMstream. I noticed that you don't always check "split audio tracks" option before demultiplexing Bink videos so some of resulting *.audio.multi.bik files might have much more than just one or two channels. Maybe this is the reason why such tracks don't play, at least in VGMStream (I remember you once said that VLC or some different player can play back such files perfectly fine, is it true?)?..
In any case I suppose you'd better check that option I mentioned, that way you can always leave out unneeded voiceovers (like in French, German or any other additional language besides English) or see how many channels there're to begin with (those *.audio.multi.bik files don't have channel count in their filename, isn't it?). Splitting audio tracks just seems more convenient to me...
It's up to you to decide though.

So long!

edited 8:03 AM EDT June 14, 2017
by marcusss at 7:26 AM EDT on June 14, 2017
@Ultrafighter : Ah i already do that now. I figured out that some extracted songs dont work but will work if i select split multi tracks..still i figured it should still work with it unchecked though but i have been using that option for awhile now rest assured :)

About the above mentioned game the BIKs work ust the game music is stored in a bunch of BIN files using the CPBK header just like other PAK files using similar headers like P5CK so I'm assuming it is archived..


Also I was trying to rip music from the latest Wonderboy game It has classic versions using OGG but its new arranged music are in a music stream type called FishStream extension .FISH. The Lua script mentions the true extensions are indeed OGG as well but in Hex its a mess so encrypted/obfuscated? Damn.

Here are some examples from the PC release.

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