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by ChillyBilly at 12:59 AM EDT on June 18, 2017
Hm, so it looks like Wonder Boy's still a no-go for the moment, huh.... well, thanks anyway, bnnm. BTW, if it's possible, could you look into a couple other rips I did? First up is the PSN version of Capcom's Jojo fighter that I brought up a couple pages back:

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure HD (Unplayable AT3 files)

The other is something I posted in the 3DS thread:

Farming Simulator 18 (".p1d" files, which I'm not familiar with at all)

^Thanks in advance if you can check those two out!
by marcusss at 2:23 AM EDT on June 18, 2017
Is there any kind of software that can brute force the ogg encryption..i.e. if wonderboy for example is encrypted? I'm assuming Dungeon Fighter live's OGGs are encrypted too unfortunately as in current form they have ogg extension but file content is nothing like vorbis.

Almost all tmnt games by ubisoft have music in unextractable archive files.. the latest is tmtn which has a large file called sound.fat with an accompanied sound.big. i can use cutter and send a link with the small .fat file and the sound.big file cut to 5mb or whatever later on.

Pity about wonderboy eh?


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by Ultrafighter at 8:55 AM EDT on June 18, 2017
@Marcusss - TMNT (2007) for GC/PC/PS2/WII/X360 is the most typical UbiSoft audio fodder, here's a link to decoder: DecUbiSndGui by Zench. You should simply scan sound.big file (the bigger one obviously) and find lots of segmented and / or multi-layered (their names end with "_L#") tracks. Keep in mind however this sound format is still unplayable by anything except DecodeUbisoftSoundGUI itself so you'll have to extract original *.layer files, not convert them to PCM WAV using DecUbiSndGui.exe if you wanna make a truly streamed rip for the title.

And if you ever decide to rip Nickelodeon Teenage mutant ninja turtles remember that video codec is MobiClip (I've never ever encountered it anywhere else besides this VG) and you can easily demux its movies with VGMToolBox.
Till next time!
by bnnm at 9:37 AM EDT on June 18, 2017
@ChillyBilly - I think Jojo AT3 use some kind of non-standard layout. Are there some AT3 SFX/voices that don't play and can you post them?

P1D can be added later, or you can GENH: 1ch, freq offset at 0x2c, start offset 0x30, coefs normal little endian 0x00, interleave 0

@marcuss - Ogg brute force is not possible without knowing the encryption algorithm.
by marcusss at 5:42 PM EDT on June 18, 2017
@bnnm yeah I understand. Love their encrypted oggs and stuff. Coming across so many files that are weird.

Star Trek

Apparently this is the layout for evolution engine games.Well for Star Trek the music is in the "Misc" cache and toc files respectively so i leff the rest out.


And matching .toc files. It is like the songs are split up



4 songs have the same filename in each of the "Misc" folders:
A header file, main part and something else?



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by Ultrafighter at 3:31 PM EDT on June 19, 2017
Hello Bnnm, may I ask you to look into my next personal selection of samples? Difficulty of their potential implementation into VGMstream may vary greatly but I'll be happy if you're able to figure out / add / fix at least some of those example files.

So here's a short breakdown of what's inside:

1) Driver: Parallel lines [Wii] - currently unplayable (?) or possibly even headerless tracks coming from Alpha23's rip. He speculated they should be something in the vein of normal DSP and probably those *.04sw files are readily playable if one knows what extension he should use.
As for actual method he used to obtain those tracks in the first place... it's pretty possible that he unpacked given *.ss# bigfile with every SFX piece & VO clip in it using his own custom BMS, I don't really know;

2) Guitar hero 2 [PS2] - all 3 *.vgs files I included played with quite a bit of static many years ago and unfortunately audio quality is still the same nowadays, can something be done about it? Maybe there're some other faulty songs in the set but I'm primarily interested in these three compositions. It seems to me that solution for this triad of tracks should also apply to all similar erroneous VGS files in the set. Well, doesn't it make sense?
All in all I'd really like to finally listen to them in HQ! I hope this issue isn't unsolvable;

3) LA Rush [PC] & Psi-ops: The Mindgate conspiracy [PC] - I'm wondering if *.med files used in both titles can be played right away, without the need to use some specific converter (I bundled it up along with sound files) on each and every sound file... These MED tracks even have standard "RIFF WAVEfmt" headers but they still don't play with the most common extensions (like *.lwav or *.xwav).
I guess adding these MEDs to VGMstream support list should be relatively easy; what do you think?

by bnnm at 5:10 PM EDT on June 19, 2017
@Ultrafighter -
Driver has a header and should be fixable.
Guitar Hero 2 seems to use some kind of special layout. Doesn't look easy to fix but I'll check.
LA Rush/Psi-ops are simple to add. Thery are just MS-IMA WAVs with a changed codec number.

@marcusss - I see a header of shorts but I don't recognize the codec. Console, PC? Is this the 2013 game?
by marcusss at 7:27 PM EDT on June 19, 2017
Sorry bnnm xbox360 it is on. Yeah it is based on the new star trek movie. 2013 I believe. Digital extreme

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by Ultrafighter at 1:43 AM EDT on June 20, 2017
Big thanks for quick answer Bnnm, I'm now eagerly waiting for an opportunity to re-listen to that Parallel lines score & soundtrack (they're both performed in the very same genre). These are some good news about MEDs too! As for GH2... well I can wait.
All the best!
by marcusss at 4:12 AM EDT on June 20, 2017
HI bnnm.

Remember before we were discussing Halo 4 and those WEM files using WMA9 pro...well I noticed quite a few of them have silence at the end.. e.g. in foobar a wem music file will say it has wma9 pro codec and is 4min but the song plays for 2 min and the rest is silence..

Before you mentioned the header had the wrong sizd or could be the extraction or maybe it's just weird :) I can give you samples again or you can check the wma9 folder in the halo 4 rip I uploaded to see the behaviour.

I figured..being silence a simple cut in hex will do but the whole file beginning to end has information..hmm

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