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GeOW: Judgment & FADPCM by Ultrafighter at 7:20 AM EST on March 8, 2018
@Bnnm - Hmm I was initially unsure whether using Umodel instead of extract.exe in that specific case could help but apparently it works. Thanks for suggesting such a solution!

And I've just noticed a typo in codec type (from file properties in FB2K): it's written "FMOD FADPCM 4-bit ADCPM". I guess you'd like to fix this in the next update and it's never late to point out such a thing.

PS. What's up with these BGMs? They look pretty similar to *.musx from Quantum of solace (PS2), G-Force (PS3) & The mummy: Tomb of the dragon emperor (PS2) (all available from JoshW.Info) but something seemingly prevents them from playing... Is it a matter or a tiny fix or does adding such format equals to implementation of an entirely new format?
So long!

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by Ultrafighter at 6:07 AM EST on March 10, 2018
Good day Bnnm, I hope you're having a nice weekend there! May I still offer you yet another double-game pack of stream samples (maybe figuring out those tracks will even prove interesting)? There's no rush as always but please post here whenever you find time to look into these files and possibly devise a solution / implementation for them.
The 1st title is Transformers: Rise of the Dark spark (X360): its FSB5 XMA (?) are currently unplayable so that my rip can't be completed as of now.

The 2nd one is State of emergency 2 (a PS2 exclusive) with weird MIB+MIH batches: many MIBs don't have any associated MIHs but on the other hand numerous *.MIB have 2 or 3 *.MIH in the same folder (but there's never a single MIH with the same name as a corresponding MIB, all these MIHs even have nonstandard file sizes but should contain track specs I presume: 0x44AC values & stuff are to be found there).
The main problem however are gaps during playback: interleave is probably the same everywhere & detected correctly plus music sounds fine (more or less) but stutters are heard all the time. I believe they appear at even intervals so that de-interleaving might be in order (like demuxing given BGMs into a pair of layers where the second one might contain just silence). Am I making wild guesses again or does it actually make some sense?

Anyway I hope you'll have better luck with those pests of an ADPCM and newer FSBs! All the best and bye!
by AnonRunzes at 10:52 PM EDT on March 11, 2018
so, i've been writing a .bms script based on the .str sound archive format as found on Hitman Blood Money.

basically the script works like this - it extracts every single audio file that uses the PCM codec(regardless if it's big or endian) as a single .ioiwav file with RIFF headers around them(that idea might change sometime later though). i say this because apparently most of the audio technology IO Interactive used before Hitman Absolution seemed to be based on the whole "RIFF" model.

with that said, is anyone willing to see direct vgmstream support for such a big sound archive like this? or are some of you okay with this new ".ioiwav" format?

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by bnnm at 2:27 PM EDT on March 12, 2018
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Fix PCM SAB/MAB [Chrono Trigger (PC)]
- Fix compact XWB [NFL Fever 2004 demo from Amped 2 (Xbox)]
- Fix some MUSX v5 [Predator: Concrete Jungle (Xbox/PS2)]
- Fix some .ADM glitches [Dragon Quest V (PS2)]
- Fix GCA num_samples [BlowOut (GC)]
- Add CAF .caf/empty extension, cleanup [Baten Kaitos (GC), Fragile (Wii)]
- Add DTK .wav/lwav extension [Alien Hominid (GC)]
- Add Ogg .rof extension [The Rhythm of Fighters (Mobile)]
- Add AAX HCA [Binary Domain (PS3)]
- Add WayForward single .wave [Mighty Switch Force! (3DS)]
- Add WayForward segmented .wave [Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (PC/3DS)]
- Add RSD6AT3+ [Crash of the Titans (PSP)]
- (dev) Change aax layout into segmented layout

Note that AAX HCA looping is a bit glitchy, decoder must be fixed later.


@Ultrafighter - Transformers has extra 0x08 bytes of (UE3?) garbage at the end, remove it.
State of Emergency 2 is some kind of blocked/layered format? I'll take a look later.
by Ultrafighter at 8:22 AM EDT on March 13, 2018
Thanks for both an update & that useful advice about FSB5! I'd never think that a few redundant bytes after legitimate file end can prevent a track from playing but I see now that I was wrong.
by marcusss at 8:09 PM EDT on March 15, 2018
Hi bnnm : Was wondering if you knew how to extract music from the uasset files of ARK Survival Evolved as I only managed to extract a few music pieces from 100 or so. The game has lots of uasset files which has music embeded within but is not the standard formats UE4 uses.. No luck with any extractor and also latest March ver of Umodel doesn't help either..

Normally the vorbis streams can be extracted from the uassets in a game's music folder but in this case results in almost nothing being ripped.. the game is like 30gb so is a pity the music is a bit$!@#$ to rip. Lol

Mind taking a look some time?

Some Examples


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The Warriors (Xbox) XWB by Ultrafighter at 4:24 PM EDT on March 17, 2018
Hello Bnnm, I've got some strange banks and would really appreciate it if you inspect them. The trouble is that total size of 1-track XWBs produced by the latest xwb_split.exe is significantly bigger than original XWB's size, for example when it comes to splitting xbox002.xwb (its size is 877 MB) it can't even be done because apparently ~5 GBs of free space (!) aren't enough for completion of such a task. Or take xbox000.xwb, one of samples provided above: initial archive is 3.8 MBs & individual tracks take up 10.5 MBs for some reason.
Can those *.xwb files themselves be the cause (I.E. they're non-standard or use custom layout) or is it the splitter issue? Any help will be highly appreciated as I really need to have these bigfiles split so that my rerip's proper & complete. You see I don't want to use UnXWB or even EkszBox to get uncountable additional BGMs, dozens of cutscene tracks, etc. Reripping should be performed flawlessly this time, the job has to be so good that there won't be need for the 2nd rerip any time soon.
I hope this problem will not bug us for too long and probably it's all a matter of a quick tiny fix in your program!
Till next time!
by bnnm at 5:32 PM EDT on March 17, 2018
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Add MUS ACM Ogg [Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition (PC)]
- Add MP4 .msd extension [UNO (iOS)]
- Add MUSX .sfx extension [Batman Begins (GC)]
- Fix some CAFF IMA4 [Endless Fables 2 (iOS), Vectros (iOS)]
- Fix ACM/NWA bitrate
- (dev) Remove mus_acm layout for segmented layout


@marcusss - "UE4OPUS", another mutant Opus. Used in Fortnite too, may add later.

@Ultrafighter - I'll try to fix soon.
by marcusss at 6:35 PM EDT on March 17, 2018
Thanks bnnm for taking a look. Interesting how ue4 games have gone the opus route as well. Also the main .pak archive has changed version number too which can make extracting a pain.

Thanks for the iOS IMA4 .caf support too as a fair few games use that.


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by marcusss at 10:45 PM EDT on March 20, 2018
@bnmm Is there a tool that can extract the fmod fadpcm streams from a single 500mb + fsb5 file.

Fsb5 split wasn't able to extract the individual streams. Well actually every stream it tries to extract have blank names so essentially they overwrite each other and in the end 1 stream, the last one with a blank name is extracted.

In vgmstream, a single fsb5 file plays fine and this particular file plays and displays each stream with its correct name.. My only issue is droidsound-e (the android player) cannot play packed xwb or fsb so to listen I must extract them to play each one.

If you want to test my rip of Ruiner for PC, it has 2 x ~500 MB FSB5 files.. bxaimc will probably upload them all soon.


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