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by Nisto at 7:48 AM EDT on March 29, 2018
@bnnm: Sorry if I'm being dumb, but how can I make test.exe output a looped WAV without hardcoding loops in addition to the metadata ('smpl') loop? I can't seem to override that somehow. At least not for GENH (PSX ADPCM) input.
by bnnm at 7:22 PM EDT on March 29, 2018
@Ultrafighter - Yet another EALayer3 6ch variation, I'm evaluating how to get it working. The .bin are .sng in other languages I think.

@Anterag - Use this quickbms script to split the files + vgmstream, it has many fragments but it's normal.

@Nisto - Not sure if I understand, if you want to override the loop points baked into a file with arbitrary loop values there is no option in test.exe (but it'd be easy to add). However not all codecs (outside GENH) would work with it. You can force looping to beginning to end with -E though.
by Nisto at 7:52 PM EDT on March 29, 2018
@bnnm: Basically, I have a bunch of GENH PSX ADPCM files which contain proper loop start/end values. When converted, a 'smpl' metadata chunk is added to the WAV file (as wanted), but test.exe also adds hardcoded ("baked in") loops after the loop region defined by the 'smpl' chunk. Is there any way to avoid that? It kinda complicates working with ADSR envelopes in my DAW.
by bnnm at 7:06 AM EDT on March 30, 2018
@Nisto - sorry, still not getting it :(
You mean you want a "smpl" without loop info? (the only thing test.exe writes there). I guess I could check -i and -L to do that.
But other than looping the "smpl" has no actual use... I think? (info)
by Nisto at 7:55 AM EDT on March 30, 2018
@bnnm: I just want pure metadata which specifies a loop region (the 'smpl' chunk in WAV; and yes, aside from loops, I do not know any other use of that chunk). Again, the GENH header contains proper loop start and loop end values, so they should definitely be preserved. But test.exe also encodes about 10 seconds (?) of the loop region into the actual PCM stream -- I do not want this. It's redundant, and I do not need it if there's already a loop region specified in the metadata, which appropriate software can make use of.

To further demonstrate:

I hope this clears it up.

edited 9:06 AM EDT March 30, 2018
by bnnm at 10:16 AM EDT on March 30, 2018
@Nisto - I see what you mean now. So test.exe writes looped files then pastes "smpl" (so it loops with or without "smpl"...), as opposed to writing non-looped files + "smpl" so the player can decide to loop or not the resulting wav.

I think it's a bug rather than a feature and nobody would need the current behavior so I'll change it.
by Nisto at 10:58 AM EDT on March 30, 2018
Yep, that's precisely what I mean. And, I at least can't find a way to override the behavior. So thanks for looking into it.

I also wanted to add that, another possible downside with these hardcoded loops is that, if a loop region doesn't end on the last sample of the entire stream, subsequent samples are lost. Most DAWs allow you to exit loops upon releasing the key used to trigger a sound, and when you release the key, it *could* actually keep playing whatever audio data comes after the loop region (if there's an ADSR envelope for example).
by ChillyBilly at 1:00 AM EDT on March 31, 2018
Hey guys~ I'm back with another list of inquiries, if that's okay:


CHUCHEL - So, this game's audio comes in these ".bso" files. A quick Ravioli scan reveals that these are containers for a bunch of smaller MP3 files (both music and SFX alike). While I personally prefer to split them, maybe it's possible to add support for the BSO containers themselves, similar to FSBs?

Metagalactic Blitz - Apparently, these .xnb files are 16-bit PCM audio, but whenever I try to play them in foobar, the program crashes. Sooo..... help? :/


Get Ride! AMDriver: Soukoku no Shinjitsu - Pretty sure this is the music archive, but I'm not sure how to get anything out of it.... at the very least, I feel pretty confident this isn't sequenced, judging from the file size alone.

Legendz Gekitou! Saga Battle - Comes in these .STR files that are unplayable for me.

Silpheed: The Lost Planet - I'm fairly certain the .STZ file has what I'm looking for, but again, beats me how to get anything playable out of that thing.

Viewtiful Joe - This one actually DOES play for me at least.... the problem is that it comes out rather slow and glitchy. I think the SRE files contain the header info for the PCMs, so that should help. BTW, this isn't actually the complete audio set, either.... there's about 4 other similar folders containing PCM/SRE files, though the one I provided here is the biggest in size. I'll be sure to get those upped later, as well!

And that's it from me for the moment!
by Ultrafighter at 4:23 AM EDT on March 31, 2018
@Bnnm - "Yet another EALayer3 6ch variation, I'm evaluating how to get it working. The .bin are .sng in other languages I think"
They should be and it all makes sense now: BINs are almost as big as SNGs because they're 5.1 mixes of the same tracks but with different voiceovers (they're in French I'm sure).
BTW there's similar issue with NFS Undercover (PC ver.) videos but this time not a single SNG can be played. Renaming those *.unknown.bin to *.sng or *.vgmstream doesn't help too. If you ever need more samples of audio files from such vids just let me know.

I stumbled upon quite a few BGMs from MP part of MOH (2010) and I can't make most of them play or convert. Very few *.res (renamed *.sns?) can be converted with EALayer3 but the bigger part of multiplayer soundtrack can't be dealt with so easily.
May it be some sort of ADPCM, probably with 4 channels or more? I can actually hear some BGM if I use (set CODEC 0x04) but there're also lots of static, maybe I must delete some portion of data from file start, save it as SNS & try making SNR again? Any help will be appreciated, be it some advice or your will to look into some more samples.

by Anterag at 8:01 AM EDT on March 31, 2018
Thanks! The script worked like a charm. I would suggest having a look at The Simpsons Game for PS3 which uses EA multilayer IMA ADPCM, if you can please. I tried the script and did some modifications but I can't extract the segments contained in the big MUS archive. The Xbox 360 version has been ripped but I never liked the XMA artifact noises so that's why I want to access the PS3 segments (maybe there are differences too).

Here is one of the several MUS archives.

edited 3:50 PM EDT March 31, 2018

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